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    Quests Color Code?

    I'm trying to figure out what the various colors mean for the quests I'm picking up. I get that one color means it's lower than me, another higher, another at-level, but I can't figure out what each...
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    Re: Free Mounts?

    Thanks! I was actually just about to post a "nevermind" comment, but your advice is appreciated. Did a bit of digging and found this, might as well link to it to help other noobs like myself:...
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    Re: Free Mounts?

    I've got a bit more time on a subscription in Lotro before I head F2P in November and just hit level 20. Can someone give me a link, map or directions to where the farm is that I can run the quest...
  4. Re: Hard to find groups for instances and skrimishes

    I'm a newb when it comes to Lotro and have found that at least up to level 17ish grouping has been very difficult. Either people don't have the quest, can't get the quest, are in a different part of...
  5. Re: What is the longest time you waited in the Queue?

    On Vilya...VIP til November. I've been logging in and out of servers for most of the weekend, longest I've waited was about 3 minutes.
  6. Re: A beholder-like cloud gathers in Vilya! :) (DDOers Unite!)

    Thanks! I was convinced to create a DDOcast guild on Vilya here today, so those interested should see Mockduck for an invite to the DDOcasters of Middle Earth. I know there are enough of us on the...
  7. A beholder-like cloud gathers in Vilya! :) (DDOers Unite!)

    A bunch of us DDO players and DDOcast peeps rolled up characters and/or play/ed Lotro prior to F2P. Now that the game is F2P I expect a lot more of us DDOers will be trying out Lotro. Sooooo, I was...
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