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  1. Re: What is the longest time you waited in the Queue?

    I applied for a job with you guys as a Systems Administrator - never got a call back. Maybe its time to re-evaluate your staff and give me a shout... the correct network load balancing with F5...
  2. Re: Lotro needs a dps meter and other diagnostic addons


    What lead to the growth and downfall of WoW? Well, first off, when you factor in DPS meters you start to single out classes so you either 1.) switch classes or 2.) get into a balancing war....
  3. Re: What is the longest time you waited in the Queue?

    People are angry at the hacks that P2P have become... WoW's content is bland and predictable. They're gearing it towards casuals now and milking them before the game's community dwindles. I'm a 4.5...
  4. Re: Who has NOT logged in since FTP went live?

    I logged in, but I've been letting my 3 year old run in circles, still haven't decided if I'm going to make my return or not. On a positive note, it does entertain him, which is hard to do with a kid...
  5. Replies

    F2P could be worse if...

    ... Blizzard had bought Turbine.

    Imagine if Blizzard got control of this game, you'd have expansions costing $75 dollars and still F2P. The company would compromise your account and tell you it...
  6. Re: Any Official "heads up" concerning the downtime at the moment.

    The word on the street is that the mouse powering the generator died. :(
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