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  1. Kinship

    I am very much interested in a kinship, I am a returning player coming off a 2 year break. I am currently leveling a LM at level 18 but I have a 75 so I have some experience with the game. I have...
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    Sticky: Looking for Kinship. Elindilmir server.

    Hello folks, have taken an extended break and am wanting to start back. Looking for a kin for social or help. I play most evenings after work. Just restarted a lm im currently leveling. I live in...
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    Returning Player

    Hello all,

    Im a returning player after a 2 year layoff. Im looking to join a casual kin just to have some fun and enjoy the content of the game. i am 40 years old and have a level 65 hunter that...
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    returning player

    Hello everybody,

    I resubscribed today after a lengthy layoff. I played from launch up until the rift expansion with a 1 week return during mirkwood. I have a hunter im relearning at 65. Im...
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