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  1. Re: Petition: Please assign lore-appropriate names when forced renaming!


    Since Laurelin server has more strict naming policy, the renaming should also follow the rules to a tee. As can be seen from the case mentioned in the thread linked to in the original...
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    Re: No Characters on My.Lotro

    When I look at "My character settings" I see only the characters on Gilrain (which was my server year or two ago) and not ones on Laurelin. Ergo, I cannot track the active ones.
  3. Re: What music do you listen to when playing LOTRO?

    I listen to in game music, as I find it fitting and sometimes also amusing. As an example the banjos heard in the Drownholt camp are somehow quite fitting.
  4. Re: [EVENT] Hûd in Eledhrim (Hall of Fire Wednesday) Elf themed event

    Most of the road from Bree to Rivendell is safe to run, with only some parts of Trollshaws having roaming monsters to watch for. I've done the Rivendell run with character level less than 20, so it...
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