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  1. Re: returning player with boxed set questions

    well then i spose i can buy the cheaper copy, thanks.

    i ll either sub or spend some money on buying the original areas (quest packs)

    thanks again to you both for the help and explanations.
  2. Re: returning player with boxed set questions

    thank you both. i think you did nail it as to what was confusing me: basic content as rented content and purchased xpacs as exactly that, purchased. which does make some sense. but you are right the...
  3. returning player with boxed set questions

    i purchased the Mirkwood (or was it Shadows of Angmar...gah so long ago) boxed set back in the day which included of course the original game.
    what doesnt make sense to me now is this:

    1. you...
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    Re: is Turbine planning any new mmos?

    i would agree. while i was disappointed with some of the choices for DDO, overall i believe Turbine handles IPs well and imho, with some respect.

    while i would have hoped for a more adult themed...
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    is Turbine planning any new mmos?

    ive enjoyed all the ones ive played over the years, it would be a shame if they didn't continue that tradition along with updated graphics, new mechanics and gameplay

    any rumors out there? or...
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