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    Re: Aussie Kinships

    I'm pretty comfortable here on Silverlode, would just like to find a kinship that's active on the same hours as I am.
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    Aussie Kinships

    Just wondering what Aussie/Oceanic kins are out there on Silverlode? Would really love to find one as my online time just can't match up with my mates in the US.

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    Siege Of Mirkwood

    I'm looking to upgrade from Premium to VIP, and at the same time would like to purchase the SoM expansion. However I've noticed on the Turbine account management page that there's no reference to...
  4. Re: Turbine, please fix the forums or provide some reason why you will not do so.

    I use to browse the forums quite a bit, but now I don't even bother. It's ugly and clustered; I really don't understand the need to change so drastically from a forum layout that worked perfectly.
  5. Re: 31 Hobbit Warden currently on the prowl for...

    Thanks for the suggestion, and well-met! I'll be certain to look into Second Breakfast.
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    Re: Happy Anniversary!

    I apologize for bursting the bubble of this thread, but I've actually been disappointed with the community on Crickhollow so far. I've been with LotRO since Open Beta, and sadly I've met some of the...
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    Re: Please remove the store popups

    Agreed. I don't mind if it's just a small alert in the chat box, but the pop up itself becomes irritating after a while.
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    Re: Mines of Moria box in Australia?

    That's good to hear. Not long after MoM was first released, I actually stumbled upon the box copy in EB Games (I live in Sydney). Couldn't believe it, I rarely EVER see anything LotRO in store.
  9. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    Cheers for the kind words! I was quite pleased with how the Elvish bed seemed to fit in, because like you said - they generally seem out of place. But the sky blue walls and red wall columns...
  10. 31 Hobbit Warden currently on the prowl for...

    ... A Hobbit lass who enjoys mushrooms, long walks through the marshes, and -

    Oh wait, wrong thread!

    'Lo there, Crickhollow. My name is Bazzo Marshfoot, level 31 Warden at your service!
  11. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    My recently purchased cosy Hobbit hole can be located at 1 Chalk Street, Maltmead; Shire Homesteads. So far I'm pleased with how it's turned out, despite the severely lacking mechanics of LotRO...
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