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  1. Re: Grats Lep (8), Oradinur (9), and Hathrel (10)

    It's your lucky day, I'm bored enough to bite.

    First, that was directed at the two people who ARE in whatever they're calling the new incarnation of TBH, not you, Mr. I'm the center of the...
  2. Re: Grats Lep (8), Oradinur (9), and Hathrel (10)

    The ghost of christmas past. Glad to see TBH haven't forgotten how to forum gang bang anyone who doesn't agree with them.

    Anyways, grats hath on well earned rank up.

    other two...yeah...
  3. Re: Grats Lep (8), Oradinur (9), and Hathrel (10)

    Pretty much this.
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    Re: I hear someone ranked...


    And grats!
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    Re: Catch me if you can!


    Yeah not so much. But hey, grats on being like the 235th hunter/burg/warg to hit HiPS...i mean....5 stars on this server!
  6. Re: How many times do you use ooc to call out......

    Freep rolled by superior creep numbers, goes to forums.

    News at 11.
  7. Re: ^^^^^^^------------------THUNDERDOME--------------------^^^^^^^-Yog Sothoth EDITI

    Oh dear, capital letters and colorful typeface... this must be important!
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