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    Kinda not my point! My point was that since I...

    Kinda not my point! My point was that since I used the boost to 95 from 34. I would EXPECT to be able to use such items as LI!!!! What is the use of a boost if it does not allow you to use the gated...
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    I Agree got LI's and can't use them!!!

    I bought one of the boost to 95 items a while ago, applied it to my level 34 mini, got some $, some decent gear, 2 LI, etc. Only issue is that none of the Epic Quests are "Completed", so I can not...
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    Replaying instances for the scavenger hunt

    Beneath the Greenfields - reflecting pool said that I could not use it. Did the entire quest line, and did not get credit in the scavenger hunt. Not sure how I was supposed to set it to "solo" as...
  4. Thread: Bullroarer Event!

    by jims

    Do not want to complain, as I know that this is...

    Do not want to complain, as I know that this is what these events are like, but 1 hour into a 2 hour event, and many of us have never gotten to log in. I don't really care about the 100 TP or the...
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    Sticky: Thank you for the suggestions. I have checked...

    Thank you for the suggestions. I have checked many of our names and 2/3 of our names are taken on all the permanent worlds. :(

    As to which server to choose, I guess it is a #### shoot. How can I...
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    Sticky: I must say that I completely understand the...

    I must say that I completely understand the reasons for the combining of the worlds, and I must give kudos to Turbine for continuing to improve the game and make new content available.

    That being...
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    Harvest-Festival-Bonus-Weekend! --- LIES

    It's Nov 28th and the Festival is no where to be found. :( :( :(

    The Harvest Festival Is Back, Now through November 28th!

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    Re: The Summer Festival: Turbine's Biggest Grind Yet

    I have to agree that this festival is a boring rehash of last year's festival. I was really hoping for something new. It does look like a huge grind to get tokens for this festival. I was hoping...
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    Player looking for GOOD home


    I am a dedicated player looking for a GOOD kin. I've been playing for almost 4 years now. (Have 4 level 65's and a R6 Creep)

    I do not want a kin that's management is full of drama. ...
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    For the love of titles!

    Character titles need some love. I think that there should be a search function in the titles. At the least can we get the Alphabetical & Newest First to work properly. If you select newest first,...
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    Re: Official Petition for Rekka's Rock


    Rekka was an inspiration, the moors has not been the same since...
  12. Re: Frostbluff - Self-Scrafice: Support the Poor - broken??

    Logged out and back in and tried again and the quest worked perfectly. Go figure.

    Thanks for the help and suggestions.
  13. Frostbluff - Self-Scrafice: Support the Poor - broken??

    I have submitted bugs on this waiting for a GM, lol, to respond, but have had no luck.

    The quest progresses until Banker Archbluff comes out, then nothing happens. He will not attack and I can...
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    Re: PLEASE fix the player music volume bug!

    I'm sure it has been stated here somewhere, but this BUG showed up around Beta 3 on Bullroarer, before the F2P went live. We were told then that if a fix could not be found before live that the...
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    Re: Yet Another Skirmish Horn Thread

    As has been stated by myself and others this 'bug' showed up around Beta 3, we all reported it and were told that they were aware of the issue and that if they could not fix it that they would revert...
  16. Re: Latest volume bug kind of killing the joy of music

    I agree that some people love the music system, but I, and those of us that do not like the music system, always had a way to turn it off. Right now we do not have that option. We are being FORCED...
  17. Re: Lifetime members: Are you receiving your monthly 500 Turbine Points?

    We have 3 accounts in our house. One of the accounts has received the 500TP, the other 2 may have, but it is hard to tell.

    Turbine: Please add something that at login tells us that we have had...
  18. Re: Latest volume bug kind of killing the joy of music

    Sorry you feel that way. I get that some like the music system. When we had the option to mute the player music it was a non-issue, but since Turbine has not fixed it, and those of us that do not...
  19. Thread: Audio in Skirmish

    by jims

    Re: Audio in Skirmish

    This bug was reported in beta. Turbine told us that they would find a fix or revert to the old audio BEFORE this went live. This is also the reason that you can not turn off the people that insist...
  20. Re: Latest volume bug kind of killing the joy of music

    This bug was found in beta, and we were told that if it could not be fixed then the music system would be reverted back so that we had control of it again. They have not posted a fix, and they did...
  21. Thread: New Vault

    by jims

    Re: New Vault

    I know that I'm going to get flamed for this, but I'm starting to like the new vault layout. It does take some time to move items into the chests,but here is how I have my vaults set up.

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    Re: LotRO is better than most ...

    In this case it is in the EULA that if you enter the code, ie try the game, you will not get a refund. The retailer is more then willing to replace a broken disc, but you will not get all new...
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    Re: LotRO is better than most ...

    If anyone is interested:

    Quote from a friend. Controls are a pain, instructions suck, and so far the intro tutorial is pretty much non-existent, but it looks pretty.

    That pretty much sums it...
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    LotRO is better than most ...

    Final Fantasy XIV went live TODAY!!!!

    Woops -

    Also, talked to support - All server are in Japan, and there are known connectivity issues.
    The download servers for the patches are so...
  25. Re: Why the change from rep barter items to quest based rep only post Moria?

    Just make the rep items BOA, then you can't buy/trade them, problem solved. Having to do the same quest 500 time is much more boring than hunting, it also leads people to explore more, so they are...
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