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  1. Re: Lifetime Subscriber should not pay Maintenance fee on their house

    Lifetime here as well. And I'd have to say heck no.

    The time it took you to think up and start this thread, you could have made enough coins in game to pay for a couple weeks to a month of...
  2. Re: My Grand Plan for Alt Crafting.. and Something Turbine Should Fix :)


    No need to fix the RNG
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    Re: Weird UI problem...

    Quick way to get everything back where it belongs.
    Once you have everything where you like it, save the ui with

    /ui layout save <name>

    Then the next time everything shifts, use

  4. Re: Code in an animation toggle switch to prevent player enacted animations, like fai


    Toggle or remove them altogether.
  5. Re: Turbine, please fix the forums or provide some reason why you will not do so.

    hmm. Now where did I say to take the people off the emote and work on the forum?? I said save the cost of making the emote in the first place and using the money to pay someone to fix the forum!
  6. Re: Turbine, please fix the forums or provide some reason why you will not do so.

    It's a shame really. They have the time/resources to make a puke emote. They should have taken the money wasted on that emote (animation costs, etc.) And put it towards someone capable of fixings...
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    Re: The Indignity of Farming Using Magic Beans

    Hmm. If your are rping, then why not rp that those magic beans are carrot seeds, etc??
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    Re: Re : Re: Any way to purchase RoI with Turbine pts???

    Please point out where Turbine ever said you would be able to pre-order anything with TP. I sure as heck can't find it anywhere.

    Amazing what people assume....
  9. Re: Turbine, please fix the forums or provide some reason why you will not do so.

    I just gave it a try. Went to home page, reset to default colors and saved. Loaded a new page and had the default colors. Went back to home page and set my preferred colors, saved.... etc. Loaded...
  10. Re: Stats Not Updating In Player Profile On Community Site

    Shoddy website. Instead of actually fixing it, they slap a band aid on it and we wait for it to break again.
  11. Thread: Goats!!!

    by Fellon

    Re: Goats!!!

    What Yula said....
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    Re: TC Dailies benefit?

    Rep for the horse.

    Deed that gives the horse for having kindred with just about every thing.... :)
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    Re: Lothlorien Entry Problems

    Try talking to that warden again. He should get you into Lothlorien.
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    Re: I was ROBBED.... of xp... well, almost

    F10 will find the corpse if it is hidden in the wall or floor.
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    Re: Why can't I buy a mount?

    Taken care of.... Enjoy your new horse!
  16. Re: Need help setting up QoS Priority Rules on WPN824v3 Netgear Router

    Info for port forwarding your Netgear router


    Sorry I don't have info on the QoS.

  17. Re: Turbine, please fix the forums or provide some reason why you will not do so.


    3 months+ and it's still a mess. Seems to me that who ever they have fixing it, isn't doing their job.

    When is the beta going to end? ETA blue name??
  18. Re: Dynamic layering + Kin Christmas concerts = bust?

    Why don't you just contact one of the CR's? They did say that it was possible to disable the Dynamic Layers for events. Find out how/if/when it can be done, and plan accordingly.
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    Re: Crafting Window is bugged :O

    You can not work on journeyman mastery until the apprentice mastery is full.
  20. Re: Skirmish Horns - Make them sound adjustable!

    If you read the patch notes for the Monday Nov. 29th update. You'll notice this has been fixed.
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    3+ hours and no announcement?

    Never mind. Email showed up 9 days after sale was posted.....
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    Re: Any Plugins that work for Hunters?

    This plugin is great for hunters

  23. Re: How many of you never click the "you have gained TP" button?

    If I think about it. I'll click on it just before I log out.

    Couldn't be bothered to click it every time it pops up.
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    30 Day time cards from founder referrals

    I still had a couple 30 day time card codes from the old Founders Referral program.

    When they switched over to the new forums and made the changes to myaccount for the F2P, the link for redeeming...
  25. Re: Forum server time is running about 3 minutes ahead

    Right now, it's running 6 minutes behind.

    Seems it can't make up it's mind.

    LOL. Submitted this post, and the time caught up.
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