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  1. WTB : Level 65 First Age Lightning Rune Stone or Symbol of the Elder King

    I would like to buy or trade for either one of these, the only problem is I don't have 700-800 gold. I can trade off services as I have an Eastenmet Jeweller and Tailor both Grand Masters with The...
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    A possible new race?

    According to Tolkien Lore there was a race similar to man called Beornings. The have the ability to shape shift at will and speak in the same tongues as bears and other beasts. They dwelt in the...
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    Could Character Deletion " Escrow" Work?

    While I'm not too sure if this idea has been talked about before, I wondered if a form of character deletion escrow could be implemented. I'm sure it have limitations and a charge would be necessary,...
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