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    And of course when I post the annual story, it...

    And of course when I post the annual story, it defaults to my secondary account. Lol.
  2. Thanks! My mini is very excited to hit it! Woot...

    Thanks! My mini is very excited to hit it! Woot woot! 2 down, many more to go. lol
  3. We love you for trying

    We love you for trying <3 --<--{@

  4. Brandywine has the same error. Level 99.9 has...

    Brandywine has the same error. Level 99.9 has never been so painful. :rolleyes:
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    Same problem here. Just got a new rig and went to...

    Same problem here. Just got a new rig and went to install with the (not so) happy cloud on the new machine, but it just hangs there. Even though it says it's at 100% downloaded, it won't launch the...
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    Re: Change the ranger to an ent

    Totally agree with the OP. This would be really cool, and on par with the Troll
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    Re: Any point to doing IotF tier 2 solo?

    sounds like you already answered your own question.
  8. Re: The Client Crash (non-plugin related) Thread

    Describe the crashing, is it a 'freeze' and stop of game activity, is it a 'crash to desktop' (CTD) etc.

    The crashing is a CTD. Game just goes away - *blink* at desktop. I noticed during one crash...
  9. Re: Is the new client that unstable? (Client crashing)

    I have crashed a couple times while the Travel plugin was loaded, but I have also crashed a few times with no plugins running. Random locations, couple times on my main while in the beginning part of...
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    Re: trade gold from one server to next

    Turbine won't allow a gold swap because it would throw off the balance of the economy.

    I'm in the same boat in wanting to move my characters from BW to Landy, but instead, I'm having to level up...
  11. Re: Make rare metal nodes spawn independently from regular metal nodes

    That won't work. Two reasons it's the way it is.
    1. It's like other kinds of crafting. For gatherers, the rare spawn is like critting for creation crafts. You might want to change your route to...
  12. Re: Please Bring Back the Old Goblin Vocals /sadpuppydogeyes

    I'd also like them taken down a notch. I think a happy medium between what they are now and what they were would be great.

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    Re: no lotto for me for over a week now

    Lottery is disabled right now...for everyone. They disabled it due to the server migration and probably partially due to influx of people preordering taking up site resources. I'm sure lottery will...
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    Re: Can I change my Community username?

    easiest fix maybe would be to start a free account and use that one to post to forums. If you don't blog or anything on the other part of the site, then it won't really matter. you can pull your...
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    Re: Character and Crafting Tweaking

    In theory, they won't do this with crafting because it would affect the game economy and balance. That said, they've gone back on everything else they said about the store affecting the game, so we...
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    Re: The price of mounts

    At least make the store-exclusive mounts account-wide. 30 bucks, heck, even 20 per character is INSANE. Of course, I won't go into the whole "store-exclusive" is totally against what they said...
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    Re: Changes need to be made. Period.

    Well, the first year LotRO was out, they had multiple small content updates like Rift is doing now. The trick is that a new game has a fairly small area, & people want new landscape. Adding a small...
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    Re: What to do with extra Anniversary Token?

    Play the auction house game
  19. Happy Anniversary LotRO - Thanks for changing my life!

    I've got a new blog post up telling the story of how LotRO changed my life. I met my husband through LotRO, and just want to thank Turbine for the part the game played in it. Happy Anniversary...
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    Re: help the mosters

    hmmm....nope. too easy
  21. Re: Which class brings more to the table in this trio?

    Depends on your content. Either way you'll be kind of lacking in some areas, but also either way can be spectacular in certain types of game content.

    The standard three man is tank/DPS/heals, and...
  22. Re: Mature players : Real life schedule vs. crafting cool-down timers = REAL HARM

    The cooldown is actually there to balance differences in time available to players with alot of time or a little, as well as to balance the economy and prevent farming behavior. Without a cooldown...
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    Re: [Request] Friends list?

    Since you get a notification in your chat window, the easiest way to make it more noticeable would be to increase the font size and/or change the color of that mechanism. I did that with my kin...
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    Re: Adding custom UI's - A noobish question

    It's not difficult at all. Just read through the brief instructions at the site offering the UI or plugins, and add new UIs to your heart's content. :)

    You can also check out this guide in the...
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    Re: What am I doing wrong?

    Yes, work on deeds to get traits up. Look for morale/vitality/agility traits. You can check the box by set rewards in the deed panel to see which deeds will achieve which trait increases.
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