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    I support this thread wholeheartedly! One...

    I support this thread wholeheartedly!

    One other thing that I would like to se added would be:

    Bulk Deletion of toon accounts!

    Our Kin has a fair amount of churn. It's not a bad thing it's...
  2. Re: How has the community held up here with F2P out now?

    Life on Elendilmir goes on, very much as it has this past age, full of it's own comings and goings, with change coming slowly, if it comes at all. For things are made to endure on Elendilmir, passing...
  3. Re: THE OSGILIATH GUARD IS RECRUITING - Come on over and visit!

    Unfortunately that is the case, as this the requirement needed to join The Older Gamers, which is the parent organisation for the Osgiliath Guard. However, given that we have been around since the...
  4. Re: THE OSGILIATH GUARD IS RECRUITING - Come on over and visit!

    With the assembling of the Grey Company and the start of their trek to find and assist their Chieftain, the word has again gone out to the Free Peoples to muster to the banners of the Osgiliath...
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    Re: The UNDYING thread... :D

    Yep, back then you needed a full fellowship just to get through the last part of the intro. :D
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    Re: Broken Kinship pages

    Cool, I will leave it in your capable hands then. :)
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    Broken Kinship pages

    So I have kinda stayed away from here to give the hard working folks fixing things time to ... well get things fixed.

    But I thought this should be on the list at the beginning of the thread.
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