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  1. Sounds like the best kin for me! I live in the...

    Sounds like the best kin for me! I live in the Central Time Zone as well(Texas), so it will be very convenient! I've been playing lotro on and off for almost two years! I am just rejoining currently,...
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    Just Joined Laurelin

    I just decided to come back to Lotro after taking a few months off. I hope I can flourish inside the community, and increase my RP skills. RP tips are welcomed so please comment below if you would...
  3. [please read]Any Kins that are recruiting?

    Hello my friends,

    I was wondering if there are any kinships that are joinable. I joined the game a few days ago, and I have always like being around friendly players. I am striving too be apart...
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    [need help] bought quad-pack

    I just recently decided to get back into LOTRO. I also just recently bought the quad-pack, a few hours ago. It said the purchase was complete, but I did not receive any download or notice any change...
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    [help] What server should I choose?

    I am a very huge fan of Lord of the Ring's novels, movies, video games, and of course lotro! I have played lotro before but, I sadly quit due too the lack of players I met, and problems in the real...
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