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    Congrats Ak!!! You finally did it!! As always its...

    Congrats Ak!!! You finally did it!! As always its been fun running around the Moors with you in our groups. Hope to see you soon. Big Hugs Es
  2. Congrats!!

    Es raises her glass of rum and tell you to slam a shot down with her! Heston congrats on a well deserved rank! You are one of few that are willing to lead a raid. Thanks for always stepping up to...
  3. Congrats Ky!!

    /Es raises her wine glass and toasts your rank 14 and gives you a big hug!! I know I hardly ever get on the forums but was so happy to see one of my fav minis rocking the game. I wish I had been...
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    Thank you all for the kind words. I have enjoyed grouping up with all of you, and you make it alot of fun to play.
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    WOW! That is old school. That must of been for...

    WOW! That is old school. That must of been for onen of our Halloween parties. You are always fun to have around. :) Thanks for the laughs and smiles. :)
  6. Re: One of our own PVPer's needs Silverlodes help

    Dirt, you are right I never read forums but informed by another it was here so I read, so you are busted!!!LOL. I am very humbled by your post and appreciate all your kind words. Thanks to all...
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