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    So basically we better go look for another game....

    So basically we better go look for another game. Or sit and wait keeping our crafters to the latest tier and our toons virtues at full and have hope as Gandalf so often asked for...
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    I used to suffer the usual crashes each 30–40...

    I used to suffer the usual crashes each 30–40 minutes. I followed the recommendation of Valamar and set the graphics to default. Surprisingly it worked yesterday very well in West Rohan. And with...
  3. Thank you Valamar, Your feedback is very...

    Thank you Valamar,

    Your feedback is very helpful. I will consider another possibility. My iMac is 2010 i3 and does get very hot even using lowest res.

    Thank you,

  4. Running lotro from a PC throug Remote Desktop in an iMac

    Hello there,

    I would like to consider buying a PC and playing on my iMac through Remote Desktop. I do want the stability and power of a last generation PC but not the cable clutter that comes...
  5. Thank you for your responses. I reckon after a...

    Thank you for your responses.
    I reckon after a couple of days after the event, that I may have been unfair to the GM community.
    It is my sole absentmindlessness (my spellchecker complains here)...
  6. My most frustrating day since I started Lotro in May 2008

    Ticket on 24FEB2012:

    Hello GM, today I had my most frustrating day in Lotro since I came in in May 2008. But if you can help me it may not be all lost. I have been working a long way to put...
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    The Finding of the Multitalented Hero

    Rohan has been once more a significant addition to the game. The landscape and the riding combat. As well as in the details, with mounted interaction with quest objects, what gives a slight but...
  8. What if we could enjoy some more variety of faces among the free people?

    Hello community,

    I think the title of my post explains it all. Only to precise that it would certainly be a pleasure to be looking at a more variety of faces among the players' avatars. Not only...
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    Re: Kiship private Forums

    I see the point, however I wouldn't have a problem if the dev's would be aware of my Kin's discussions. Actually most of what it is discussed is related to the game and hence may be more interesting...
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    Kiship private Forums

    It has been long I wanted to make this proposal and now that we all share the same forums is perhaps the right time to speak it up.

    Kinships use to have their own private Forums in the most...
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