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  1. I am experiencing this same event as well, with...

    I am experiencing this same event as well, with my main character only. I CAN login to the account with any of my alts

    I have tried the FAQ suggestion (recycle modem, reboot, and...
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    Thanks. Yes, I did actually find her a couple...

    Thanks. Yes, I did actually find her a couple minutes after I posted.
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    Where is Galadriel?

    Just after hitting level 75, I received the following mail

    From: Galadriel

    Subject: A Need in Rohan

    I have need of you, my adventuring friend, in Caras Galadhon. Come to me outside the House...
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    One of my toons just "won" a lottery. A type of "food" I'm not familiar with -- Barrow-Bree

    Is this a joke?

    You consume this food and it kills you???

    What is the point? What am I missing...
  5. Thanks very much everybody for all the great...

    Thanks very much everybody for all the great advice!
  6. How to get a new Skirmish Soldier up to speed?

    So, If you wait until late in your leveling to join Skirmishes, you get a soldier that is Way Too Low.

    And then if you go into skirmishes with this soldier, he is pretty much next to useless at...
  7. Epic Quests, Volume III . . . . breaking in?

    There are some places within the epic quest lines, in various volumes & books, where you can "break in" and pick up a quest line, even if you have not completed previous books in the volume.

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    Compendium of Middle earth

    I have a lower-level alt (65), who has acquired a Compendium of Middle Earth II.

    He is not a crafter (he is a prospector) and not a member of a Crafting Guild.

    Where does he go to barter this...
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