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    Sticky: Poll: Re: Vote: Design a Unique Relic!

    I am rather fond of the Setting of the Ages, Gem of the Encircling Seas, and both the Rune of the Two Trees and the Rune of Ancient Light. However, I am only looking at this as a Mins, and so there...
  2. Re: Post-update2 crits on relic forging: Shards, but no actual relic in result?

    That's not what ZC meant. In the previous system a combine of T4 that critted could get you relics higher than just T5. He said that instead, those much-higher relics will be shards. What is...
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    Re: mail system... send multiple items

    They actually said once, a very long time ago (maybe even before Moria?) that they were acquiring the tech to make this possible. It sounds like they either didn't acquire said tech, it didn't work...
  4. Re: Dear Minstrels, grats on your update, your friend the Burglar

    No. It hasn't even been released to the test server yet. Expect this to go live sometime in March.
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    Re: New Skill I would love to see...

    This is a weird deja-vu....years ago, when I was first playing a Lore-master, I actually suggested this (although I had simply wanted to send the heals to a single fellowship member). Kinda cool to...
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    Re: Ability to dye Dragon scale armor.

    You can't dye any of the unique Helegrod armours for any class. It is definitely a desirable suggestion.
  7. Re: Crit Item crafting seems to be broken.

    I hate to say this.....but there can be nothing wrong if it is truly "random." You could fail 100 times in a row at 99% chance. You could also crit 100 times in a row at 1% chance. Unlucky? Yes. ...
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    Re: New Item For minstrels

    I think what he is referring to are actual named, rare purple/teal/etc instruments for minstrels.

    They have done this a few times - like the Hand-carved Drum and Satakieli, although these only...
  9. Re: Travel "Must be a subscriber or former subscriber"

    Yep, you're right. It only applies to characters that existed while VIP, rather than the whole account. This applies to things like gold cap, etc as well.
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    Re: Solilqouy of spirit Really?

    It can be used while running. And it heals over time unlike (most of) our other skills.

    ....and those are the only differences. Most people would agree that while it is not 100% worthless, it is...
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    Re: Dread/Hope/Gloom/Radiance

    This is also the way I remember it - hope wipe doesn't necessarily get everyone. However, chances are it gets at least one person per group, so you are stuck popping tokens pretty much every wipe...
  12. Re: Why can't I purchase the Angmar Quest Pack?

    There are only two reasons that I can think of why Angmar wouldn't show up:
    1. You already bought it (unlikely)
    2. You currently have an active VIP subscription, which prevents you from buying any...
  13. Re: What is the stupidest mob in Middle Earth?

    My vote is for Lorniel. She was also a moron back in Volume 1. Spoilers:

    I was pleased when she died. I could not stand the thought of escorting her somewhere again. I mean, it was really...
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    Re: Wassup wit des books?

    If a page drops, it should automatically disappear (like a quest item) and complete the page in your Deed log for the book.
  15. Re: New Player; question about various aspects of the game

    First of all, welcome to LOTRO!

    As for your questions:

    1. As far as "expansions" in the traditional sense, there are two - Moria and Mirkwood. However, it sounds like you are also referring to...
  16. Re: Do Searches on this Site Not Work??

    Interesting. I just tried that too and had the same problem. They are all recent threads (a general search sometimes returns threads deleted in a forum purge), and clicking on one just reroutes me...
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    Re: Skirmish Trait Training

    Attribute traits are either your soldier's Role (Herbalist, Archer, etc) or cosmetic appearances.
    Training traits are passive skills - increased melee crit, higher morale, decreased attack duration,...
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    Re: How to get a mount?

    Yep! You can either complete the riding quest (VIPs) or purchase the Horse Riding passive skill from the Store (Premium/Free-to-Play). Then, you can purchase a horse from Hengstacer Farm in...
  19. Re: Question: are our L45 first LI's still part of the lottery system?

    They changed it after the release of Moria. Turbine must have realized people were getting depressing results on their first item and quitting. Now, they get a false sense of hope that you actually...
  20. Re: Numenorean Uruk-slayer 'aka the Glamdring/Sting weapon effect'

    It is actually even cooler than that....this happens because Numenorean Uruk-Slayer applies the +orc-damage bonus. Any weapon with some kind of +enemy damage (spiders, evil men, undead, anything)...
  21. Re: I'm a new Minstrel-what level until I can be good in fellowships to heal and help

    Glad you are liking your Minstrel!

    As far as healing skill levels, it only gets better from here. All you have at the moment is Raise Spirit, which you will eventually consider to be your small,...
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    Re: Bar changer possible?

    Given what I have seen of other quickslot bar plugins, I think this would be feasible with the current setup. Currently, they can set skills that appear and disappear given conditions on your...
  23. Re: Skirmish companion traits - Level requirements

    That implies the trait's effective level. It is there to give you an indicator as to how your soldier's skills compare to its actual level. Unlike our characters, where our skills automatically...
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    Re: New player questions

    First off, glad you are enjoying LOTRO!

    As for your questions:
    1) Unfortunately, there is no way to control only the sound of character voices for call/yell skills. You can turn down all Combat...
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    Re: stuck character

    If your Map Home is not on cooldown, you can type the command "/stuck" and within 1 minute you will be teleported to your map's milestone, regardless of whether you are moving.
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