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  1. Sticky: Sorry this is late... About the Alliance Elf Instance mainly

    The Court of Lothlorian Instance

    Personally, I still believe it is very… adventurous, compared to the other alliance sections that only took me 20 minutes tops doing the intro quest and exploring...
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    Miss Ruby sends her appologies for Sunday's meeting

    From: Z.Z. Ruby - somewhere in the Shire

    Dear all,

    I have made the trek back to the Shire and will patrol some when I can. I'm afraid this week I cannot attend the Sunday meeting, and I fear I...
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    Greetings *hobbit wave*

    Greetings from Miss ZZ Ruby of the Shire from near a MD Vault or the local kin house. I hope this finds everyone here quite well.

    I am writing to ask if there is an opening in your brave band of...
  4. A great night of storytelling

    Dear Swest,

    Tonight, as we took a break in the Halls of Fire in Rivendell to defrost our frozen limbs, Mr. Alphred told stories about the Great Barrow. I had forgotten many of the tales that...
  5. A letter home

    Dear Swest,

    Age is creeping up on me. I helped out with an instance today and ended up running myself to death. The lady in the instance just kept running and running dragging us all at full...
  6. More Books from the Dwarf Caves

    Dear Zymdel,

    I am glad you volunteered to take over the scholaring duties while I am away. It does bring such peace of mind knowing I am not neglecting my duties to the family during my trek...
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    Modern Convenience... well actually real world conveninece...

    Something that all my characters (and I have a lot) agree on is that we could use swimming horses. In the "modern" or actually real world, my dad and mom used to go hunting on horseback - unless the...
  8. A letter home

    Dear Swest,

    As I stand overlooking the vastness that has appeared south of Zigilgund, I remember what you told me long ago in Bree when I was a young girl. You said that the world was much...
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    Update: The party will be held Sunday the 5th of...

    Update: The party will be held Sunday the 5th of June from 4-9pm at 4 Brookbank Street, Hayville, Shire Homesteads. All are invited for giveaways and games. We are still searching for bands to play,...
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    Planning for party at my kinhouse

    Dear People of Landroval,

    I wanted to thank you all for being so awesome to both the scouts that started on Landroval, and then my family that had to relocate to your wonderful server. I finally...
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    Chat Channel ?

    Apparently a Facebook page can't like or follow a group, so if you can PM here or somehow send Swest in game the chat link, that would be great (Not 100% sure how to get mail on the forums, but will...
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    All Junk Accounted For

    Premium hoarder experience transferring –

    I actually did a test of two characters (one freep and one creep) and they went fine – but since I have been cleaning out storage for… I don’t know how...
  13. Beorning - Axe is given, but club is the bonus

    I tried to find a thread or some mention of this issue on the Discussion for Beornings on this subject, but didn't find anything so if this is misplaced, please forgive me.

    I normally let my...
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    found him but...

    First you have to go to the Hall's stables... if you have the quest to find him the special horse to the place may appear for you like it did for me...

    Click on the horse then you walk in and...
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    according to wiki...

    about Halros


    it says "Regardless of your advice to Halros while gathering the Rangers during Vol. III, Book 1, he eventually joins the Grey Company on...
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    They are not BOA

    at least the Boar-head Festival Mask I know about is not BOA.

    I might have a spare one I can get for you in some trunk somewhere (too many alts) but if you send Swest a letter in game I might be...
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    as of 8-2-12...

    It's still not fixed. fyi. :)
  18. well... almost a year later....

    and they still haven't fixed it. it's either the elf picture or a big blank hole. Anybody got any kinship pictures to upload correctly? maybe it's cause lotro automatically comes up in IE browser? I...
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    Sticky: Dark Of The Moon

    Dark Of The Moon kinship - Rank 10 for over 4 months. Alt/crafters friendly with levels from 5-75 open to any race, class, level, craft.

    Guild portal Site: http://kinshipdotm.guildportal.com
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    Re: Data Protection Act

    Well in our kin we only use it for the officer's information. we are not always on at the same time so we try to keep the other officers, and especially the kin leader, appraised of the situation....
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    Re: Update 6 Live Monday!

    YAY something to look forward to on my non main girl. :) <3 Thanks!
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    Re: Data Protection Act

    not sure if this is the same thing... but it sounds similar... anyway, I had to do a crash course on the lotro rules... this is what i found...

    when we all agree to play this game we hit the agree...
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