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    By doing this, are you pretty much crash free? I...

    By doing this, are you pretty much crash free? I have usually been playing on low graphics settings on my Late 2015 iMac with latest OSX public beta, due to random crashes. A couple of days ago I DID...
  2. Plugin location STEAM install on El Capitan

    I have been running LOTRO on my ~1 yr old iMac with pretty good result with a STEAM install. I have the lasted El Capitan build currently and appear to be having very good gameplay; and and not even...
  3. forums.lotro.com: This webpage is not available

    Almost since the game and forums launched, I have been able to get to the main forums page by typing: forums.lotro.com into the search bar. But for the last week or so, it no longer works. I get:...
  4. Strange. I'm running LOTRO on iMac (latest OS X)...

    Strange. I'm running LOTRO on iMac (latest OS X) which is run thru STEAM. I do NOT have the com.turbine.lotroclient folder or anything like it that I can find. I even unhid all my folders and still...
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    I don't see whether or not the server transfers...

    I don't see whether or not the server transfers will be free, and for how long?
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    And Lifers will get at least twice that... ;)

    And Lifers will get at least twice that... ;)
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    Mac specs for dummies?

    I have been considering purchasing a Mac (iMac) recently, but really don't know much about them. Would someone please give some minimum, good and Max specs (models?) for used Macs for playing LOTRO...
  8. /signed

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    Re: Virtues - Which ones to slot?

    ydoc, what virtues are you slotting?
  10. Re: I doubt i am the only one who has noticed this...

    With regard to "when", a little more vague answer is found in this stick thread: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?397052-LOTRO-Paid-Services-After-the-1-June-Migration-%28EN-DE-FR%29
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    Sticky: Re: Turbine Official Roleplaying Rules and Policy

    Is it just me, or is Laurelin not available for US players at this time? When will it be?
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    Re: Why are DUO skirmishes so overpowered??

    FWIW, I have done duo skirms a few times with 2 lvl 65 RKs and 2 Protectors (great soldier for RK, IMO). Tier 1 seemed easy. Haven't done all of them, tho.
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    Re: Loremaster Pets

    How about a Kung Fu Panda!!??!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kung_Fu_Panda
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    Reputation travel skills?

    I remember someone telling me that there are now some "Return to" or travel skills that can be purchased by classes other than Hunter/Wardens from certain Reputation vendor (for those with Kindred...
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    Re: Which two classes go best together?

    MINUS Rep for that.

    I rolled a warden and my son rolled an RK when they first were released. It was VERY frustrating as a Warden, not being able to hold aggro or finish gambits with the massive...
  16. Re: Level listed on the skills/ traits vs. your actual Level....

    I have found out a few things related to your questions:

    1) the traits/skills/trainings are cheaper when they are below your level than above. So it costs a lot to raise them above your level.
  17. Re: The first 48 hours: A returning vet's review.

    I'm a founding lifer, so my hopes are that Turbine does a great job with this business model in order to provide timely (good) content updates.

    However, I was chatting with a friend yesterday who...
  18. Re: Gift Giving and Payments on Friends' Accounts

    What are the options since F2P is live to purchase TP as a gift for a friend?
  19. Re: Is there a service to move in game coin from one server character to another serv

    You can move a toon for $$. Prob would want to move an alt... except cannot move toon to Branywine or Landroval. Here is the FAQ: ...
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