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    Please move the homesteads to more central...

    Please move the homesteads to more central locations. My friend commented yesterday as we visited my Bree house that it's nice, but out in the middle of nowhere. If we could have housing...
  2. Thanks for replying! I will look around here and...

    Thanks for replying! I will look around here and try to figure it out. Is it just me, or have they tried to make Lotro a lot more beginner-friendly? The trait system feels more similar to other MMOs,...
  3. I too am a returning Lore-Master. Haven't played...

    I too am a returning Lore-Master. Haven't played since Shadows of Mirkwood was released, and I am currently freaking out over the new trait system.

    - For some reason I can summon a Bog Guardian...
  4. Unable to decrypt or de-serialize the data

    Hi! I'm returning to LotrO after a year or more. I installed the game on my new laptop not too long ago, but only played it for a few minutes to make sure it worked and haven't had time since. Now,...
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    Glad it's not only me! I played with a friend for...

    Glad it's not only me! I played with a friend for more than 4 hours yesterday and nothing happened, but just now I got stuck again and had to exit the game.

    EDIT: Like you, I can still chat with...
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    Character can't move, only turn.

    Hi. I'm an old returning player, and I just installed LotrO for the 3rd time in about a week (been having problems with my Win7 upgrade, so had to reformat).

    Every single time I have installed...
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    Yes, Azog was most likely resurrected and...

    Yes, Azog was most likely resurrected and implemented as an antagonist in order to make Thorin a deeper and likable character. In the book, he's mostly after the gold, but in the movie, he wants...
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    Re: Is burglar hard?

    Burglar isn't that hard, no. My first character ever was a Lore-Master. I didn't find any class to be hard after that. :P Well yes, hard to commit to. After playing an advanced versatile class, the...
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    Re: MoM Activation doesnt work?

    Codemasters stated this on the European forums before the transition. Clearly, it didn't reach everyone as this issue has crept up quite a few times.

    And indeed, the boxed European MoM shouldn't...
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    Re: What happened to courtesy?

    Well, I'm a relatively new player compared to most old subscribers, but I was here well before F2P and I sure have noticed the issues you're mentioning. That's just it, I suppose. When you make...
  11. Re: Open letter to the owners of pet goldfish in Thorin's Hall


    Great post, although I would never have realised this myself. Good thing someone notifies them of this!
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