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  1. AW: Avatar editing for My Kinship page in the community site.

    I would too appreciated that... . It's kinda annoying to see only black on the avatare... . Hope they can fix this soon.
  2. AW: what is your game name and what does it mean/why did you choose it?

    Arhum - I'm human (Rohan). It's the name of a character in my Lord of the Ring - Fan Fiction. Arhum Tharagth in full.

    He's Haradrim and a traitor to his people. His clan wanted to join the battle...
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    Traitors of Harad

    "We are the Ones not bowing for the burning eye. We are Traitors to our kin, but we won't kneel and beg for mercy!
    We will fight - even if they won't accept our help. Even then, when they are ready...
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    AW: Newbie first impressions

    My first impressions are good, beside the fact that sometimes my connection to the surver is cut when I'm on (I think it happens about every 2-3 hours)
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