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  1. Congratulation to Lillyn--An Original Member of the Arkenstone Community!!!

    Congratulations on your hard fought achievement as Captain General. Your perseverance and class as a player and a person cannot be questioned. With a server filled with so many trolls and low...
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    Target debuffed go! Target debuffed go! ...

    Target debuffed go! Target debuffed go!

    Nimitar's favorite phrase. Congratulations Captain General!

    You now outrank me.

    Salute on your amazing achievement!

    Best wishes,
  3. Congratulations Zagrimm, Ascension Kinmate

    I big salute to Zagrimm and congratulations on your achievement!

    Always a class act! Something in short supply on Arkenstone.

    Best wishes,
  4. Solution Found

    I will teach you. Just hit me up when I'm online.

  5. Congrats, well done Spifwa

    Congratulations. You put in a lot of time to earn it. Well Done!
  6. Another Ascension Member Ranks, Congratulations Lady Finarfintook!

    Congratulations to the sweetest, littlest, female boss in the moors! You put in the time and the grind to be the best and it shows.

    My next goal for you is to lead raids in red line and be...
  7. Nominate the Top 3 Persons Most Likely to Read a Forum Post and Miss the Point Entirely

    The title says it all. My nominations are 1) Gerburz, 2) Cintona, and 3) Blulum. My first nomination is to the man who called me a known exploiter, but has more times than I can mention send me...
  8. Just Say No To The Horde Ball--Learn to Count People!

    The Need For Creep or Freep Mega Tribes/Kins an Outdated Concept that is the single biggest action killer on Arkenstone. There is no need to for them. They are an antiquated concept when our...
  9. Observations from the Perch regarding new PVP map for new players

    1) There is a major known issue that wargs lock up freep players. It can lock you up so bad that you just wake up dead. So, I suggest all freeps at least duo up for this reason, but it will likely...
  10. Congratulations To A True Nemisis

    Congratulations to my old nemesis Omani! Too often, you have been the agent of my downfall.

    "If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. -Sun Tzu"...
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    Freeping Makes No Sense ATM

    Freeping makes not sense atm. Essentially, if you want a VIP -pvp- experience to rival any new MMO, come to the ettenmoors! Where you have a snowballs chance in hell of surviving all these op...
  12. Fear the Karosh--reaver skill rotations and observations

    Tales of a Karosh.....for all to fear (Part 1)

    [06/15 02:35:31 PM] Karosh-1 scored a hit with Blade Toss on Gyrfalcon for 1,231 Orc-craft damage to Morale.
    06/15 02:35:32 PM] Karosh-1 scored a...
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    The Definition of Delusion.

    Delusion-a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary.

    A large number of creeps...
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    Crashes after 7 to 10 minutes

    My lotro client continues to repeatedly crash after 7 to about 10 minutes of play...blue screen of death. I do not know why.
  15. Falcons Loves A Lady Marshal

    Congratulations to one of the few women willing to take on the burden of leadership!

    No creep should ever bad mouth you given the fact that without you rounding up the new people there would be...
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    A Falcon's View of The New Moors

    Having just returned to LOTRO after a long break, I wanted to post my observations of the post Rohan moors.

    I would have to give Rohan's PVP a major thumbs down! Rohan looked good on paper, but...
  17. Re: Store bought PvMP consumables => Death of LoTRO PvMP

    I couldn't agree more. Moreover, I put my money where my mouth is and I've canceled by subscription.

    I was a PVP junkie too. I have over 2 million reknown points and dominate the leaderboards on...
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    Re: Dude, Where's My Thread?

    I'm bored and I need to school another troll trying to look to like Thurgood Marshall, but sounding more like Judge Mathis. For you information the US government does enforce standards of business...
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    Dude, Where's My Thread?

    Here's some light reading for the person responsible for deleting my thread. Food for thought!

    The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Declaration of Principles adopted in 2003 makes...
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    Re: Commander Elruin

    Congratulations to a great guy! It's a major accomplishment.

    Stay gold Elruin, stay gold!
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    Re: Second Marshall Rahbrigul

    In the immortal words of another legend Yogi Berra, "Congratulations. I knew the record would stand until it was broken." A truly epic accomplishment.

    Revelation 6:8

    And I looked, and...
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    Re: Grats Tharros

    Big congratulations to my fellow raid leader, Canuck, and kinmate! You defenitely deserve a big jersey shore fist pump for keeping the faith, bringing the fight, and sending creeps running for...
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    Re: First Marshal Aelvain

    Congratulations on a huge accomplishment First Marshal of the Free People of Middle Earth. It take a massive amount of single minded focus to play only one class for years long after the luster has...
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    Re: Third Marshal Gryfalcon!!!

    Thank you all for offering your congratulations. I have to say that attaining rank 12 was my last in game goal that I wanted to achieve for yet another horrible reward. I have to say that I am...
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