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  1. I understand all you're point but I think it's a...

    I understand all you're point but I think it's a shame. After-all this is only a game. Just Pixels. And if people have a problem with same sex marriage, then don't marry someone of the same sex....
  2. So I can have kids but I can't get married?

    I think many players would agree with me when I point out the daftness of this title. It doesn't make much sense.

    It would work like this:
    You Right click on a player and click on "Propose". ...
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    Thank you for the link but none of these worked....

    Thank you for the link but none of these worked.

    Attempt 1. Same error message came up.

    Attempt 2. Play button wasn't missing, attempted it anyway and nothing happened

    Attempt 3. Did as said...
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    Launcher still not working

    Apparently this issue was supposed to be fixed but it isn't. I have a feeling many other players are having the same problem.

    It's finished downloading the patch and then when it gets choosing the...
  5. How do I get the skill to use a bow and staff?

    As a champion, when can i use a staff and bow?
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    How can I form a fellowoship?

    Hi, I'm a new player and I'm having a problem with finding fellowships. There are certain quests in LOTRO that are impossible by yourself, for instance the quests in the Northern Barrowdowns. Rather...
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