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    Re: String Table Error; TableDID

    <string table error; tableDID

    I just started having this problem several days ago...beginning with the 5th Anniversary automatic update, I suppose...on all my characters across two servers. All...
  2. Re: Need help understanding how to redeem Reputation and Guild items for status

    As of a few weeks ago you needed to run all your rep items/tokens back to their respected vendors (such as those at the Hunting Lodge in Bree). Now, however, it seems that you can right click on...
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    Re: Skill Information Popping Up

    What is driving you nuts is called the Examination Tooltip. Normally, tooltips will appear near whatever you scrolled over that has information attached. In your Options Menu (in the UI menu or by...
  4. Re: Help needed with MS Excel for a table top type game please

    I'm caffeine deprived (so pardon me if I babble), but think I know what your issue is. I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with both cell reference numbers wanting to change when I wanted one to...
  5. Re: "This container does not accept bound items" - seriously?

    And here we are a year later and Housing Chests still don't allow bound items while Shared Storage does (without the flaws previously mentioned in this thread). I find this most frustrating when...
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    The Fat Lute - Newer Servers Missing From Sign Up

    I was about to post this same question. I have a primary server I play on (Crickhollow) and a secondary (Dwarrowdelf) and neither are listed. Are we to pick a server at random when we sign up at...
  7. Re: Have you tried GameStop?

    I don't know if there's a GameStop near your location, but since several I've visited do sell LotRO Turbine Point Cards, there might be a good chance that they sell Subscription Game Cards as well.
  8. Thread: Farming

    by Gwynfallan

    Re: Farming

    I have only recently started farming, and the limit seems to be around 7, but I could have erred in my count or just gotten very lucky a couple of times. I've found six to be a safe number, it...
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    Re: New player - question about traveling

    This isn't really an answer but many factions have Return to...X as an available option at the Kindred Level. The exceptions being the four main races (Humans=Bree, Elves=Rivendell, Dwarves=Thorin's...
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    Re: My "Soldier"

    There is the Skirmish Captain and the Skirmish Trainer. The Skirmish Trainer is where you bought all your upgrades for your Fighter...my little ADHD Diva whom I booted to the curb as soon as I...
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    Re: Coins and Tokens

    No nifty last minute uses, I'm afraid. Your only option, other than getting rid of them, is to sit on them until the next Yule Fest Holiday. Depending on how many you have and how much room you...
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    Re: Learning New Weapon Skills

    Weapon skills are available from your Class Trainer as Passive Skills (second tab). By turning off the "only show what I can use now" feature (or whatever it is called) in the Trainer's window you...
  13. Re: Open Houses on Crickhollow - Post Your Address

    I also love touring homes and gawking at the unique and interesting items people have found to display. Rhiowen's home at 4 Garden Street, Rosswold, Bree-land Homesteads (the deluxe home that backs...
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    Re: Server Full?

    IT WORKS! You rock! Three hours of trying to get on with nothing but Full Server messages and I can now (hopefully) offload my Yule Tokens before the vendors expire. Thank you!
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    Re: Cosmetic items / account based?

    I second this, having both the same question, same problem.
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