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    I'm getting this too. I logged in earlier this...

    I'm getting this too. I logged in earlier this morning and played for a couple of hours then logged out for awhile. When I try logging back in now, I'm getting this.
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    Re: Describe Your Kin in One Word

  3. Are any smaller kins interested in merging?

    Warlords of Middle Earth would like to talk with any other small kins who are interested in merging or joining us to create a larger kin. Our goal in creating a larger kin through merger is to...
  4. ISO fellowship to complete Epic -Vol II Epilogue: Gorothul of Dol Goldur

    Rather than constantly spamming the GLFF chat I thought I'd post here to see if I get any interest.
    So.. I'm looking for 5 others who want to complete this with me.
    The best times for me are...
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    Re: Whatever happened to ... Return to Master?

    Yes it is still there. I used it last night with my LM.
    Perhaps your critter is just on strike:)
  6. Re: Paragon - Is looking for more end game raiders.

    I'm interested!
    Since I lead a very small kin (only 3-4 truly active players) the opportunity to participate in end level instances and raids is small unless I respond to LLF requests, should...
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