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    For Sale: Legendary Fragments

    Ive got around 100 legendary fragments for sale. Prices listed below. The more you buy, the cheaper they get. Use em, resell em, I dont care.

    1 - 14 2g each

    15 - 24 1.8g each

    25 - 39 1.6g...
  2. Tab Target Selection - In and Out of Combat

    Would it be possible to change the way Tab (Target cycle) works when in combat to only cycle through those mobs currently in combat mode with the character? Its such a PITA cycling through mobs that...
  3. Re: Need a way to gift purchase for friends - please!

    The more I think about it, the I believe that gold farmers wouldnt be an issue. Think about it.

    Who would buy an item from a gold farmer (procured through using Turbine Points) and run the risk of...
  4. Re: Need a way to gift purchase for friends - please!

    I was coming to post exactly this idea, when I spotted this thread.

    Such a shame that it will probably never happne because of the reasons listed.
  5. [Store Suggestion] Skirmish Soldier Reset

    Just like we got when F2P launched.


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    Re: Haunted Cellar A++++


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    Re: Hylje-Leiri - Controlling Faction

    God knows how someone managed to flip it in the first place when I managed to get the quest to begin with.

    Ive actually managed to finish up my rep grind in Lossoth, so sadly like the rest of the...
  8. Re: Lotro the game of beeing "Debuffed" forever....

    Simply do your best to ignore debuffs. I know its hard, but this is coming from someone who was once in your position and copped nothing but flack from the LOTRO die hards that believe nothing is...
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    Hylje-Leiri - Controlling Faction

    Does anyone know how to switch faction control in Hylje-leiri in Lossoth? Its the region down near the giant broken elf ship. I grabbed a quest when it was Lossoth controlled, and dont remember which...
  10. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    With your example, nothing, theyre all on separate timers.

    Im talking about the "Return to..." skills. I have Bree, Rivendell, Thorin's, Mirkwood and will soon have Enedwaith. These all share the...
  11. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    Heh, you know, I had almost considered this. My wife rarely uses her account anymore, hmm........
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    PvP Exp Bonus - IXP Bonus?

    The exp bonus that is given to players when conditions are met during PvP becomes useless to level 65 players. Is it possible to have a switch that converts that exp into IXP?

    Just thinking out...
  13. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    I was gonna leave it, but this is amusing. Your hunter misses out on what exactly? Its not like the scenery is changing once a month. Theres nothing dynamic in the world.
  14. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns


    Cause as lovely as this world is etc etc etc, sometimes I dont want to take 5 horses to get somewhere, you know?

    Why do Hunters need to?
  15. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    But you accept the fact that Hunters can port where they like, when they like (providing they never run out of rations)? Fair enough. I dont get it, but then I guess I dont have to.

    Best thing for...
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    Re: reputation barter for tokens

    Ive got ~150 of each. That would cap my Algraig rep instantly.

    Which is why it wont happen.

    Turbine isnt silly. Carrot and stick man, carrot and stick.
  17. Re: Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    I have 7 different mounts. Its not even close to being the same.

    You said it though. The ability to fast travel practically anywhere in the world will remain in possession of only two classes....
  18. Remove/Separate "Return to..." Map Cooldowns

    Post title says it all.

    Either drop the CD to 15/30/45 minutes shared globally, or give each map an individual cooldown.

    Im working on getting my 5th (maybe 6th, cant remember) "Return to..."...
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    Re: Oh Lotro Store, How you Slay Me

    1200 for sub renewal? I thought it was 500 per month (so 500 for 1 month, or 1500 for 3, etc etc)...what sub plan are you on that gives you 1200 TP on renewal?
  20. Re: Looted Map to Rivendell...now what the heck is it?

    Also, having a shared timer wiht your other maps increases this items uselessness to epic proportions.

    But hey, we wouldnt want to break any lore by allowing multi-swift travel map cooldowns right?
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    Legendary Shards to Fragment Conversion

    Surely been suggested before.

    Make it a 30:1 conversion rate. Or more if you really want to.

    Considering what you did to Symbols its not going to hurt the game in any way, shape or form.
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    Re: Turtle problems

    Oh well. Having to run this thing only once every 3 days was annoying anyway. I dont really need level 60 1A's....now that 65 2a's are overly abundant thanks to increased symbol drops.

  23. Re: Level 51 pots dropping from level 65+ mobs in Enedwaith

    Ahh, its good to know someone else has noticed this.

    Can we please get it fixed?
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    Re: Add Currency Slots to Shared Storage


    This is a great idea.
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