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  1. NO - Not all technical difficulties are acceptable or excusable.

    My apologies…I meant being patient with the DEV’s... as not to blow your stack off. There's no reason for it, if you’re the only one its hurting. Yes, we all have our limits and as paying...
  2. You think LOTRO has technical difficulties?

    I had been taking a break from LOTRO for about nine months. Made the biggest mistake before they increased the limit of items from 100 to 500 in bag space, inventory, etc. to grind for turbine...
  3. Thanks, MJMALLON

    Well, I certainly feel foolish and stupid! I months back bought several stacks of coins from the bank vendor and come to think of it used that same method. Unfortunately I never thought to try it...
  4. UPDATE to the - VENDOR Shop UI & AUCTION House UI

    JUST a wish list for a future Update!

    I would love to see an Update to the Vendor Shop UI with a QUANTITY button for purchasing items, similar to the one for the CRAFTING UI. I like purchasing...
  5. The ability to place Hand Held Costmetics in Wardrobe!

    Just what it says the ability to place hand held cosmetics like basket of eggs, mugs, yule sparklers, etc. in the wardrobe. Helping to free up our storage space. Thanks!! :)))))))
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    When will craft recipes stack again?

    Why doesn't craft recipes stack anymore? They did before the update that took place before Christmas 2013. Their now taking up valuable space in bank vault's and bags. I would stack the recipes...
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    How do GM's contact you in-game?

    Just was wondering how do GM's contact you in-game? Is it through the chat TELL?
    Sorry if this was put in the wrong place!
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    Thank You!!

    Love the map! Helps out a lot to learn the side quest locations fast! Thanks, again!!! :) :)
  9. THANKS!!!!! Sapience

    Great work!! Now time to play!!!!
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