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  1. It is probably because you pasted back those old...

    It is probably because you pasted back those old .Dat files and one of them is broken/corrupted.

    First of all try running the client as admin will do it, so right click on the client launcher...
  2. Every piece of information helps. Many had...

    Every piece of information helps.

    Many had problem with Client_gamelogic.dat, but I guess you are correct and it can be any data file. At any case you can repeat the process with any data file you...
  3. The problem is with file: Client_gamelogic.dat

    Just wanted to let everybody know there is your problem, and not server load.

    Never completely delete any file/s. Try moving them or at least copy and back them up before any change attempt.

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    Data files corrupted...

    I did as advised above by several others.

    Not 100% sure this is the way but a simple way to find the corrupted file/s would be to look at the dates.
    For example: I last played on October 14th,...
  5. Re: Caballeros de Valahdiel recluta [ESP] - CdV

    I only know a bit of Spanish, so I will think about it.

    Good Luck with recruitment / Buena Suerte con reclutamiento (not sure it is acurate)
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    Re: To all lore-masters trying to tank

    You did the right thing letting him die if he kept frustrating your group.

    Usually I let the right class do what they do best according to their class role so they feel they contributed to...
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    Re: Who can actually field 24man?

    I am a bit disappointed how narrow minded you all became.

    I expected at least one of you to even think about gathering enough members from 2 even 3 kinships for a full 24.
    It isn't as if we...
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