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    In my previous kin a group were all gathering...

    In my previous kin a group were all gathering around Urugarth (back when you had to be there to get in) when Amarthiel appeared, made us all kneel then killed us! Her random appearances across the...
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    This is indeed confusing, but the lotteries on...

    This is indeed confusing, but the lotteries on the forum are enter-able to all (I think) of us, so being a lottery is no different situation (that I can see) I think people would feel better if they...
  3. How lovely, congratulations to you both.

    How lovely, congratulations to you both.
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    Just had to say I hope you enjoy your first few...

    Just had to say I hope you enjoy your first few hours on Lotro - once you get the hang of it, its great fun :D
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    Enter Instance...click on Frodo *follow*, make...

    Enter Instance...click on Frodo *follow*, make cup of tea - instance complete :D

    Actually I enjoyed it on my first run, but umpteen characters later and its follow all the way!
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    We were having this very same conversation in...

    We were having this very same conversation in kinchat the other evening. The main contenders were Lalia, Sarah Oakheart and all the Rangers in Evendim (who should learn to do their own work!) Lorniel...
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    Slugs in their death throes - ewww, what am I...

    Slugs in their death throes - ewww, what am I standing in?

    and exploding orc-y things in the shadowed refuge - double eww - they have no idea how long it takes to get those stains out of my...
  8. I remember many happy hours playing tag. If you...

    I remember many happy hours playing tag. If you add in-game alcohol it makes it even funnier - as your screen gets blurry! Thanks for reminding about it.
  9. Done

    You'll find Mitzie has a lot of mail when you log on!
  10. Sure thing

    Send me an ingame mail with what you want me to make (to remind me - terrible memory!) to Lucyanna and I'll make the items this evening - I'm usually online by 8pm

    Take Care

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    It has disabled crafting xp on my baby mini - and...

    It has disabled crafting xp on my baby mini - and I've done quite a bit of crafting with her and she is staying where I want her to be atm - L17.
  12. (with tongue firmly in cheek!) I heartily...

    (with tongue firmly in cheek!)

    I heartily agree Cara, its time everyone learned to speak and spell properly! Its a nappy - not a diaper and a dummy not a pacifier! (you can't really tell I've been...
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    Re: What font does Turbine use?

    There is a font specifically named Tolkein which looks similar - can't for the life of me remember where I got it though - but google is often your friend.
  14. Re: Dumb things you've done when first playing LOTRO?

    I have the reputation of being the most easily lost person in our kin - perhaps because on many an occasion I'd be saying on vent or in chat I'm lost. One of my more memorable moments was when it...
  15. Re: Book of Condolence for our Norwegian Gilrain friends.

    What a lovely thread Cara - and I'm with you in the sentiments expressed, I am sure that many others also share them.
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    Re: For all you New Folk out there...

    Not a new player, but very nice to see 'where' the server names come from - nice work :)
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    Re: The Demotivation of the Ring

    No need to be ashamed good sir - we ALL want to murder her! Except new players who think she's a sweet old lady!
  18. Re: Quests lines that 'grab you' (And congrats to whoever wrote this questline)

    I love the Narmeleth storyline that develops through Vol 1 - even if it was a massive travel-fest when I originally had to do it! I was desperate for each new book to be released to finish the story...
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    Re: crafting question

    No idea - part of me would like it (I have a soft spot for crafting) and part of me would hate the grind to get to the new top level (I'm a terrible completionist!)

    Haven't seen anything mentioned...
  20. Re: How many of you have died, looked sideways at screen, what the heck, unlock reviv

    I found this out yesterday and had to use it...gulps...twice in 10 minutes...mutters stupid Danneglor! There was no way I was going to try getting in there again!
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    Re: Welcome back Gilrain!

    I really think Gilrain is the friendliest server !

    *waves* to everyone
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    Re: Greetings Gilrainians

    Congratulations on an excellent server choice! Character isn't bad either! ;)
  23. Re: Am attempting 'The Undying' title, whichever class i get it on becomes my main.

    Just be careful with which quests and mobs you tackle. The shire is relatively harmless for most quests. Lots of xp for just speaking to someone. Also if you're desperate to get the title spend some...
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