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    I have been experiencing the same problems., and...

    I have been experiencing the same problems., and I have a PC with Win XP. Tonite, I can't even enter the Lotro Store without crashing eveerytime regardless of the toon or area.

    I did all the...
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    Just started happening to me tonite. Crashes...

    Just started happening to me tonite. Crashes before loading. I have been having problems with game crashes all week entering buildings or on combat mount, mostly.

    I did the configuration changes...
  3. Windows XP will not be fixed, when will you have this game working on another OS?

    Microsoft is no longer going to fix security problems on Win XP after the first few months of next year (2014). What OS are you going to switch too? They are claiming that hackers will be fixed on...
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    Re: The Official What Kinship is Where Thread

    Runic Knights - Brandywine server- www.rklotro.com
  5. Possible crafting critical success rate bug

    I have noticed that after the last major update on crafting, my actual crits for a 68%-70% crit chance has dropped. I am lucky to get 1 crit in 7 tries but usually takes 10 or more tries to get a...
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    Re: Why is it so hard to pre-order isengard?

    I have always called and talked to a human on every upgrade :)
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