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  1. Hmm. I think the variety of answers in this...

    I think the variety of answers in this thread show that it isn't just me who doesn't understand what is meant!
    There is a real lack of information about basic game concepts.
  2. Well that is what is confusing me. The spear...

    Well that is what is confusing me.
    The spear tool-tip says "(main-hand) damage over time", not "bleed", and so does the Power Attack tool-tip.
    The only place that actually uses the word bleed seem...
  3. Vital Points trait - What actually count as bleeds?

    So the Vital Points trait gives +X% bleed damage.
    But I can't find anywhere that officially defines what a 'bleed' is.
    Is any damage-over-time considered a bleed?
    Or only physical...
  4. Re: freezing problems after buying new graphics card

    I was having problems with random crashes that were overheating related, and fixed it by turned on the vertical sync option. Before that the graphics card was generating around 130fps and just...
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    Re: But what if I abhor raids?

    Some thoughts from a solo player who has just started playing.
    I'll address a few different points that have come up in the thread.
    Where I have used quotes, this isn't to indicate that a...
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    Re: Malledhrim Rep for Free Players?

    The chart here: http://lotro.mmorsel.com/2010/08/skirmishes-by-level-content.html list them as being level 65.
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