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    Sticky: Re: Feedback: New Player Tips for Wardens

    Great stuff in this thread.... I started a Warden last night and all of this information is very useful.
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    Re: RK at the wrong level in RoI?

    If you have done both "intro" quest lines, follow the story while doing all quests in an area before moving on; then you shouldn't run out of on-level quests. You might have to do some quests 1 maybe...
  3. Re: How to 'play fire' as a long time lightning RK

    ^^ LOL that's awesome!
  4. Re: How to 'play fire' as a long time lightning RK

    Thank you for your response. Just what i was looking for. I really enjoy playing the lightening line. Maybe I will just stick with it. Stick with what works right?
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    Re: The Official "What's your Pet Rock's Name" Thread

    My rock's name is Jefferey.
  6. Re: How to 'play fire' as a long time lightning RK

    Fire sure does sound nice. But since my beginning I've been a lightning lover. Gah what to do.....
    I'm still sporting a 65 2nd age lightning stone so I'm getting close to needing an upgrade. If...
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    Re: Looking to join a Kin

    Seems like 'Is Awesome' is right up your alley. Feel free to message me in game if I am online, or send me an in-game mail. My main character is JTweezy and I am usually on from 4-9PM EST.
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