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  1. thx for replying What code is that ? I got...

    thx for replying

    What code is that ?

    I got confirmation, an order number , in my email

    No code to apply..

    See below
  2. Hi gang i just checked, bought it last night,...

    Hi gang

    i just checked, bought it last night, and still only 2 chars slots

    and it says still free to play account just above "2 of 2 character slots used"

    Any ideas ?

  3. Bought Sam gamgee's pack; how do I know Im upgraded to premium, from FTP account?

    As subject line says, I'd like to know :cool:

    thank you!


    PS am i supposed to get a 3rd character slot too? I don't have it yet, but have the Horsy in my inventory

    Thx for helping...
  4. Replies

    New User; what would you buy?

    I'm an experienced MMO'er but know almost nothing about LOTRO. I've decided to give it a whirl, especially after they announced the. 5th expansion, so it looks like the game is at least doing, well...
  5. Have LOTRO Box & Key.. How do I add my Old box key (that I never installed/used)

    I had bought LOTRO Online a while back, the box for the original game

    If I wish to download or install the game (I have an account here , as I am obviously posting in the forums:p) but HOW do I
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