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  1. Ok thanks a lot i'll do that ;)

    Ok thanks a lot i'll do that ;)
  2. Hello :) I would like to join to Swords of...

    Hello :)

    I would like to join to Swords of Light. I'm 22 and i'm from EU. I've read the code and everything seems perfect to me.

    My character's name is Antharum, he is a Lore-master and he is...
  3. I re-started playing today, but i can say that..:...

    I re-started playing today, but i can say that..: I made my character in Landroval and there is nobody in the starting zone.
    Then I searched information and i started in crickhollow and.... 34...
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    I've started today in crickhollow and it is full...

    I've started today in crickhollow and it is full of players. i think that only in the starting zone we were 34
  5. Re: Longtime casual kinship looking to grow membership

    Hello :)

    I'm a new player in lotro and I completely love all what I have seen. I'm a low lvl cause I enjoy going step by step. Now i'm trying to learn how to craft, and trying to enjoy the amazing...
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    Re: I want to role-play

    Thank you very much for your answer. :).. Yes then Landroval is ideal for me. The playing time it depends on my job.. i'm in changes right now xD.. but i guess landroval is the best option for me....
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    I want to role-play

    Hi all!

    I'm writing this post because I want to start again in lotro, but this time, role playing. I remember when I started playing MMORPGs years ago and I started only for roleplay. It was great...
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    Re: Celestial Dawn Kinship are Recruiting

    Hi :)

    I've started a couple of days ago and I've "studied" the servers and classes.

    Finally I decided to play in Laurelin cause I like RP and it seems to have a good community.
    I've also been...
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    Remove please

    The problem is gone. thanks
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    Re: New Players Needed

    Hi ddaveallenb,

    I would be really interested in this kinship. I'm new and I'm still downloading the game, so I have som doubts. Is this an EU server? I am European so i don't know if I have access...
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    Re: Healing class/server

    Thank you very much for your quick replys :) Both have been very helpfull!

    So if there is only the ministrel for free, i'm going to choos a dwarf guardian. I prefer to start playing and have a...
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    Healing class/server

    Hi all!!

    Today i'm going to start playing Lotro and I would like to ask you two questions that I have :)

    1) I've always loved picking healing classes, I love healing!! But in Lotro i've heard...
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