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  1. Re: Bonus or recognition with players homeland faction.

    With the Hobbit movie bringing a large audience to Dale, Erebor and the area of Mirkwood the players are from (Thranduil's domain) I wouldn't be suprised to see an expansion bring us to this...
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    Re: Legendary Weapon Appearance

    It's win win for turbine to allow this EVEN IF it was free (not in the store)

    It breathes new life into the literally hundreds of really cool weapon designs out there, and brings even more...
  3. Re: Cosmetic -modification- of weapons (not the same as cosmetic weapons) ;)

    We're dealing with an entirely different monster at that point. Graphic options to turn particle effects off and other optimizations, etc.
  4. Re: Cosmetic -modification- of weapons (not the same as cosmetic weapons) ;)

    Stuff glows way too much anyway. Just ignore the effects and take it with a grain of salt that it's a cosmetic weapon. "I like green glow better than blue or vis'veres I'll find a weapon with that...
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    Re: Rename "Legendary" weapons

    but I would be having FUN working on something a little more permanent even if only in my mind, which come to find out is important to me. *shocked face*
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    Re: Rename "Legendary" weapons

    I'm in the Camp for the "Legendary should be more Legendary" let me be perfectly clear by what I mean

    I do not want to destroy weapons because

    A.) It's like Vandalizing something precious (if...
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    Re: Race-Specific Shouts

    I don't play a "shouting class" much so I never thought of it, but the idea is awesome in my book!

    I kind of want to see if I could take the speech files from "Battle for Middle Earth" or "War...
  8. Re: Alternatives to the current LI/ No Cosmetic Weapons Situation.

    To really get the feel I'm one of Tolkein's hero characters like the game implies, I kind of want to go so far as to make your weapon have its own character creation screen. Kind of like a Star Trek...
  9. Alternatives to the current LI/ No Cosmetic Weapons Situation.

    I think everyone has experienced that moment when the coolest looking weapon/shield just didn't cut the mustard anymore, and replaced it with a heavy heart. I praise the cosmetic system for letting...
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    Re: Cosmetic Outfits for RP Pregnancies

    Do Dwarves even get pregnant? I always thought they laid eggs... and buried them.

    When little beards stuck up from the ground they were ready for harvest.
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    Re: cosmic weapons and shields

    I'll never stop asking for this to be implemented. We should consolidate threads into one really long serious petition.

    LOTRO just has too many beautiful weapons to fall flat at the end with...
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    Re: Cosmetic Weapons?

    I remain ever hopeful for the hobbit guardian who is allowed to cosmetically equip a frying pan over his/her shield and see it in bash animations.
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    Re: Cosmetic Weapons?

    Cosmetic Weapons are the one thing that are guaranteed to keep me re subscribing at this point.
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    Re: Races and Reputation

    You may be an elf of Lorien, but you know how weird those Lorien Elves are. "Ppfft, you're level 1 and hanging around with undead DWARVES?? This guy is going to have to prove himself. Allll over...
  15. Re: Roleplay Fluff---> /sit in chairs and /smoke,eat,drink.

    I'm actually just thinking simple because I know Turbine has said before how incredibly complex making cosmetic weapon things like this are.

    they have the animation codes for weapons stored at...
  16. Roleplay Fluff---> /sit in chairs and /smoke,eat,drink.

    Name says it all. Let us sit in the chairs in RP areas and while sitting /smoke, /eat /drink. The feeling of the Dwarves settled around Bilbo's table smoking and drinking during a long drawn out...
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    Re: Weapon Cosmetics

    LOTRO has hundreds of amazing designs, and at end game everyone wields one type of look. Every legendary looks the same at end game. Unacceptable.

    Let it be heard I want COSMETIC WEAPONS AND...
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