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  1. I have the Connection Activity Status enabled and...

    I have the Connection Activity Status enabled and it does not reflect problems with connection and I'm having the crashes. Prior to the patch I had frequent crashes and ended up with 2 characters I...
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    THIS. It's happening to both my husband and I....

    THIS. It's happening to both my husband and I. Starting yesterday I've had it 'crash straight to desktop' many times, without the delay or failure message. One of my characters can now no longer be...
  3. I'm now having this exact issue, with a hiccup. ...

    I'm now having this exact issue, with a hiccup.

    1. Character attempted to teleport from Isendale to 21st Hall
    2. Crash to desktop (as happens several times every time I play, usually on zoning)...
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    Sticky: Thank you for this wonderful guide. I'm...

    Thank you for this wonderful guide.

    I'm halfway through rebuilding the town. I've completed 7 of 14 for the Hytbold deed and have unlocked the resource quests, but none of the NPCs that give the...
  5. Re: The Anniversary Horse and Colour blindness

    I don't like it enough to spam glorious beer fights and horse races for. The dearth of things to do alone would have me skipping out on this horse even if I did want it. I don't like hitting other...
  6. Re: Medallions, the new radiance grind - A petition against it

    Agreed entirely. Having to t2, having to grind obsessively to get an armor set, and having to spam-slap hobbits (epic fail - what would Tolkien have thought of that?) and I lose interest in doing the...
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    Re: A Word About Account Security

    I believe that is the problem. I don't doubt their word that their stored account information is safe. What I doubt is that using the same forum and game login is safe. It's easier to hack a browser...
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    Re: 11/15 Server Maintenance = Patch Day?

    I'm singing in harmony with you here. My warden now needs therapy for low self esteem after all the failed gambits. My husband sounds like an f-bomb explosion when he tries to play his burglar. Of...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    My husband and I have been playing LOTRO since Nov 2008. We had been playing City of Heroes since 2004, EQ prior to that. LOTRO seized upon our imaginations immediately. We went lifetime just three...
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