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  1. Does this mean Jan 3 is the last day we can quest...

    Does this mean Jan 3 is the last day we can quest or it shuts off AT Jan 3 (usually in the morning)? I've always been a bit confuzzled on that point and been a while since I last played...
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    Thank you, Turbine!

    I was informed of the Stone of the Tortoise by a friend of mine just today. Best Christmas present ever. Finally I can adventure in LotRO at the pace of my choosing with this item. I'm glad you...
  3. Re: AW: Farming criticals / RK enamels need an overhaul.

    Have to agree with Valerian here (and I generally do small samples but track my stats over long periods). Soils do make a huge difference in crit items... as a matter of fact it's the only reason to...
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    Re: What is your classes most useless skill?

    Hrm... most useless skill on my minstrel would have to be Enlivening Grace. I spend most of my time solo (or in a skirmish with my soldier - on whom it does NOT work) but when I do group, if group...
  5. Re: Yikes! My Hobbit Burg Looked Naked When In Stealth Now!

    Was this before or after he said "Guards! Bank! Buy! Sell!"?

    Best GM interaction I saw was when someone in Asheron's Call asked a GM (currently logged into the game as the big badguy -...
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    Re: Steam and double client

    Not a huge drain (didn't really notice any performance issues while running two ultra high setting clients on a laptop - although it was an mALX) but it does clog virtual memory and can cause...
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    Re: How does a Minstrel's mentoring skill work?

    No way to avoid cooldown that I am aware (if they already know that instrument skill it won't activate so you won't waste a cooldown there). Possible that Mentor Moor-cowbell wasn't on the same...
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    Re: Better Gifting Options?

    They actually had a feature like that in WoW, if I recall. Every Christmas (Yulefest? I can't remember...) seasonal vendors would sell wrapping paper you could use to turn items into giftboxes...
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    Re: Deconstruct loot

    Disagree here. Their value is solely based upon how much someone with disposable income will pay - not time and effort. I mean, does anyone really think the "time and effort" to gather 100 copper ore...
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    Re: Add an effect to Strong Drinks and Pipe-weeds

    First, let me say I do not promote the use of tobacco (despite being an addict myself) nor wish to see it glorified (much as Hollywood attempts to do with other recreational drugs while bashing...
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    Re: A Re-Look at Crafting

    I have to agree here... the reason AH prices for low-end materials are so outrageous is the lack of moneysinks... giving high level players tons of cash to throw at things like medium leather when...
  12. Thread: Stop XP

    by Domine

    Re: Stop XP

    That's akin to saying it doesn't matter if you have god mode on or off when playing an FPS or if someone uses hacks/cheats in a PvP game or not. Some people enjoy thumping greys, some don't. Some...
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    Re: Update on the XP Disabler?

    Well, I haven't posted in a while since I stopped logging in after getting burned out at the fast leveling pace, but I've answered this many times. I can guarantee Turbine $30 a month minimum on the...
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    Re: Realism in the future of LOTRO

    Well, I tend to avoid swift travel for two reasons: First, I'm a skin-flint... I'd rather shave a few copper or silver here and there and take a little extra time than zip somewhere... secondly, I'm...
  15. Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    People who claim there's 'everything' for free in subscription games are overlooking things... firstly, the Adventurer's Pack before SoM here in LotRO (probably would have been a few more things of...
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    Re: Is anyone else having issues logging in?

    No, I've been online for some time...
  17. Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    Bad comparison that won't work, since there's no entrance to a skirmish you can ride to... unless they brought back the old Skirmish Join and left instances off it entirely that WOULD get an outcry...
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    Re: Whats the best for me to sell from beasts?

    Scholar mats tend to sell fairly well on AH. Especially some of the more tedious tiers to farm.
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    Re: Change the already known icon for recipes.

    Perhaps an option to filter "Show Usable Only" at merchants... just like you can hide locked items on the sell tab...
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    Re: Suggestion for the future of LOTRO

    The changes to rep barter items were primarily a storage issue, it keeps you from having to have so many different items stockpiled waiting on full stacks (10 or 5) to return for faction or even...
  21. Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    And where was this outcry when the Shared Storage was released as part of the Adventurer's Pack? By not objecting to that en masse, we basically said "This is acceptable" and now people want to say...
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    Re: Whats the best for me to sell from beasts?

    Huadh Iarchith (empty at least 3 packs). The mobs in there drop task items that range from level 19 to level 43ish (Gilded Sword Sheaths being the highest ones) though not sure how well they sell -...
  23. Re: AW: Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    They were referring to the first several upgrades to vault space, which are purchased with in-game currency (first or second is around 735s and the last one - which gets you to 120 storage - is 5g)....
  24. Re: LOTRO jumps the shark. Basic enhancements to the game now cost TP.

    No, you are getting something in return for your money. You get free TPs every month you could spend on this barter wallet upgrade you are complaining about... you aren't complaining about not...
  25. Thread: Dear Turbine

    by Domine

    Re: Dear Turbine

    Ah, okies... so much for my idea then. Never tried it there just figured I'd suggest.

    Yeah, as beautiful as the scenery was I got so tired of rummaging through the undergrowth to find that...
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