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    What town would you live in, in-game?

    Annuminas, once we finish clearing out those Angmarim! My craft-happy alts could help in the re-building process. Or a cottage overlooking Lake Evendim, for that country living. Ok, or anywhere in...
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    I am also having this issue and posted in the...

    I am also having this issue and posted in the Store Feedback thread. This is a new issue to me as of this past week and none of the wiki advice seems to apply. Would love a Mac work around or maybe...
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    I've experienced more frequent crashing since U17...

    I've experienced more frequent crashing since U17 and I'm not even in Minas Tirith, yet. I went from a similar range (45-75 min of gameplay, with a crash often triggered by war-steed travel, swinging...
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    Me too!

    I'm having the same issue with the store not loading, although points seem to be awarding fine (I mean, I hope. Can't exactly check my balance through the store). The issue began earlier this week....
  5. [Treasure Hunt] Make steeds Account Bound instead of Bound

    A small detail, but I'd really like to see the Treasure Hunt steeds which drop from caches to be made Account Bound rather than bound to the character who dug it up. Opening the Huge Cache only to...
  6. And, should you choose to participate, may I...

    And, should you choose to participate, may I recommend moving the discussion to either the Captain forum or the Mounted Combat forum?
  7. Captains - Warsteed & Mounted Combat Discussion

    I'm posting here because it's one of the few forums I can post new threads in:

    I've just reached East Rohan and obtained my warsteed on my first ever character: a captain. I plan to stay in the...
  8. Harvestmath/Autumn 2013 Treasure Box Drops

    So, besides Fall Festival Tokens and various tricks (coveritol, spider legs, etc.), what have you received from the 4 treasure boxes in the Haunted Burrow?

    I haven't seen this topic elsewhere on...
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    Post Update 11.2

    Of course right after posting that I don't crash much as long as I mind the graphics, I've begun crashing several times a day. This started immediately after update 11.2 and, since nothing has...
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    If only....

    Perhaps if enough people /bug it, someone will notice. Maybe not fix it, but notice.

    ETA: Actually, I did just that. If anyone else would like to do so, feel free to copy and paste:

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    I was coming here to say the same thing. Giving...

    I was coming here to say the same thing. Giving my lvl 18 cap a set of lvl 10 heavy armor makes no sense. Yeah, she can use it in 2 more levels, but by then she's eligible for the lvl 20 gifts. Why...
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    Any chance you started a hobbit or Race of Man...

    Any chance you started a hobbit or Race of Man character? Archet and Bree were revamped and, for many Mac players, require a lower graphics quality. For instance, I run Ultra High graphics for most...
  13. Sticky: I just followed this and the screens loaded with...

    I just followed this and the screens loaded with lighting speed. I blinked and almost missed it. It was... a moving experience.
  14. In Game Bug Reporter Bugged - drop down menus

    I tried to report a bug in game, but none of the drop down menus were dropping down. I've used it successfully before, but this has been my first attempt since U11. Exiting the game and reloading did...
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