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    Re: Missing Heathfells quests?

    5/30 here too. I finished the part where I defend the Dwarf while he collapses the Orc cave, but no pick on the ground. I also have the quest for the Herald that drops from the Houndmaster, but...
  2. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    The few times I've gotten past the "red x", I get to the "Update Game Data" part, and it hangs before giving me an "Unspecified patch error" and restarting itself, putting me back to the "red x" for...
  3. Re: Important: Connection issues during patch today Monday Sept 26th (Attempt Failed)

    Well in 3+ hours I've gotten connected 3 times. Two of those it said I had an update but when I clicked the button to update, nothing happened for at least ten minutes. So I closed the launcher and...
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    Re: Connection attempt failed.

    I like how I gave them $50 over a month ago so that I could lose access to the game today. Great investment so far.
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