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    Some people have to really hate Wardens to make ...

    Some people have to really hate Wardens to make
    a statement like that. What a complete load of stupid
    rubbish! Heavy armor suits would totally and massively
    crush the "feel" of Wardens. I do...
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    I don't really like this change for the very...

    I don't really like this change for the very simple adage, "If it isn't broke, don't fix it".

    The grace period is a nice consideration but the change may have unexpected repercussions; so I say...
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    Here is one I took the other day for a desktop...

    Here is one I took the other day for a desktop background set in Mirkwood. I love that cloak.

  4. I just tested this out, it is not a typo, it...

    I just tested this out, it is not a typo, it applys a negative to mits. I filed a bug report but the sad thing is Ill be In hytbold stuff long before this ever gets fixed.
  5. Block and Strike buff from Thamen set WAI?

    Been away since August came back and just noticed this today. Did I miss something here?


    The 3 set bonus is...
  6. I always had a preference the the "Lady's Favor"...

    I always had a preference the the "Lady's Favor" set. The Orthanc set is also one of my fave's but you cant dye it=(

    Look threw the outfit thread there are lots off cool lookin Wardens out there.
  7. I dont know about removing block from shields...

    I dont know about removing block from shields rather id like to see Wardens shields buffed all around...Why not have all three avoidances?

    Right now full buffed I sit at; Block-25% Parry-19.??%...
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    Everyone needs to chill out! Do any of you Know...

    Everyone needs to chill out! Do any of you Know how hard it is to find defibrillators that small?!
  9. The gate is supposed to open after killing the...

    The gate is supposed to open after killing the third Ward However, if you kill them out of order then the gate wont open.
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    Re: Warden's & spears

    Actualy, Wardens have the same proficiency in sword,Spear and club. The Grand Masters Weapons Training Legendary buffs those three weapon types (It may have been changed to a % across the board, I...
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    Re: Clicker Warden

    keybinding is more efficient for sure. Originally i was a clicker and weened out of It. However, I still click my masteries about 70%* of the time.

    *(edited for truth)
  12. Re: What is , and not supposed to be fixed "soon"

    Have you ever played any other MMO? Listening to community feedback and releasing playable updates are areas Turbine Shines. They are not always perfect but they try harder them most. Just look at...
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    Re: Eldar's Grace

    I cant count the times EG has saved my Warden behind.
  14. Re: What is , and not supposed to be fixed "soon"

    I would hope he is out of the office for whatever reason and would think that that he new the fallout on the forums would be bad anytime there is a major revamp to any class...Even if those changes...
  15. Re: Orion, what kind of work did you do with warden ?

    Change IS SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I say lets wait for the maths peoples and supper testers to get out there before we call out our dev who, if nothing else is...
  16. Re: Warden Mitigation Remains Broken as a Viable Raid Tank

    It would seem the OP's accuracy may be suspect, Looking at the parsed data above. A 8k max hit for the parsed data looks like a devastate with a average max hit (crit) of about 4.5 or 5k i guestimate...
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    Re: Interesting Development...

    im only 66 atm, but while leveling i have noticed no major impact on my avoidances. I am however stoked about the spear bleed line (They ROCK so hard!), I only hope they are wai.

    I don't know,...
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    Re: Made my first Warden AND ???

    I did.
  19. Re: The Draigoch Set Bonus (response to interview)

    Moria set gave +60% threat to DoW. That should have altered your gameplay a degree.
  20. Re: Hunter Q&A with your host, Zombie Columbus

    Bad answer Bro. There are plenty of classes locked into traits and legendary traits, and nerffing one that everybody loved is a bad idea plain and simple. Not only that, it could rewrite how a hunter...
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    Re: Start working on your alts

    i feel a bit nerfed by the change to Strong Draw but am willing to wait and see how it all pans out. After all, this may just mean that i need to adapt my rotation and not that i need to roll a RK. ...
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    Re: New Dev Diary

    Orion completely won me over. I thought at his first post we had a dev turned lose at us who had no idea what wardens needed or even wanted...I was way off base. As far as im concerned he hit a home...
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    Re: A Wardens PoV

    I'm not nervous, i'm confident.

    I dont want to placate you Guards! By all means rock the boat, rock hard! Get what you want!

    I dont think so if champs have to lower their dps in...
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    A Wardens PoV

    Hello guardian community, i would like to take a minute to assure some of you who think Wardens will replace Guardians as the preferred tanking class.

    First off. Yes, Wardens are getting tweaked....
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    Re: A New Blog on Potency

    Ok, Ok. I take back any pessimistic thing i had to say about Orion...Infact i think i love him now...very much.

    I dont really think we need snap aggro per se but i won't turn up my nose at it.
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