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  1. NUIN ITHILDIN - Casual, Fun, Friendly, Mature Kin

    Greetings free people of Middle-Earth!

    Nuin Ithildin (Under the Silver Moon) was formed in 2008, as a casual/social kin. We are looking for brave adventurers to join us in the struggle against...
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    Returning player starting fresh

    I know this question gets asked many times but here goes...I want to either make a Hunter or Champion. I plan to level fast and get into end game and some PvMP, basically want to know what the...
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    Yeoman or Historian?

    I am a returning player that only has a level 75 Guardian, I'm mainly a solo player with some small fellowship instances. I'm curious to know if Historian or Yeoman will server me better? I know...
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    Sticky: Returning player seeking Kin

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): James I have 4 75's: Hunter, RK, Warden and Guardian. I honestly only plan on leveling one come Riders of Rohan, others will become crafters.

  5. Re: New Information re: Riders of Rohan vis-a-vis raiding

    I think the timetable is good, I am not a hardcore raider or PvMP player, I enjoy a balance of everything. I think for a lot of people playing LOTRO is more about the journey, than rushing to level...
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    Re: SWTOR vs Lotro

    SWTOR is nothing new, It's basically WoW with lightsabers. The only thing that will keep it going is the ppl who are huge Star Wars fans, I'm playing for the 30 days that came with the game, but not...
  7. Re: Sanctuary - The Long Fellowship - long live the lowbies

    Hopefully you get a lot of people to join, sounds like a great idea. Our kin basically left to SWTOR, which I tried, wasted $60 on it lol. I might join you, I have 2 level 75, but I never did much...
  8. Thread: First LI

    by hawtsauce

    First LI

    As a Guardian about to hit level 45 and recieve my first LI I am curious as to if i should continue using a shield or go to a 2h and overpower for Moria and beyond. I know a 2h will be faster...
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    Sticky: Re: Looking for a Kinship? Post here.

    Your name, or character name and race (if known): Ehlenion Level 48 RK
    Age: (some kinships have real life age limits): 36
    Location. (Timezone preferences if any, state/country, etc.): I am in...
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