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    Here ya go ..

    Lotsa info, but the best around

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    I believe that this goes against the lore that Freeps use poisons. I fully agree that it would be neat, but prolly won't happen. Maybe they could do something along the lines of a caustic powder or...
  3. Thread: Char UI

    by DertyHulk

    Slight Necro / Custom Char Portrait not working.....

    I know many people will say this has been answered in a few threads. There was even a blue post from Sapience about just relogging to fix it. I have not been able to get this to work.
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    Re: 12 Days of Christmas Creep Style

    Made me chuckle. Thanks Goober.
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    Re: Maximizing dps in Quiet Knife

    Actually only your targeted Shield-Brother gets the full 25% from To Arms. The rest of the fellowship gets an increase of 10%.
  6. Re: update 3 content not available for all at release, READ!!!

    This is the type of attitude that pigeonholes F2Pers in a poor light imo. Why should you get equal access when you don't pay a sub or have a lifetime? I could say something snarky like QQ moar, but...
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    Re: What addons do you use?

    Definately check Tonicbars out .. can set pots to pop if debuffs apply, health or power drop below a %, you can move stances to drop down extensions .. if nothing else, it helps to clean up your...
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    Re: 6 piece set bonus Helegrod armour

    Even with a 1st age with SSfS and the Hele set on .. SS hits rather meh with LiE and Aim. Just something we have to deal with I suppose. The Hele set loses roughly 80 might .. I know we don't get...
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    Re: Sneak Movement Speed?

    The best you can do with gear traits is +8% I believe.

    +20% leafwalker
    +15% QK line bonus and/or TG line bonus
    +10% legacy
    +8% any number of gear
    +5% Destiny point run speed buff

  10. Re: Post a screen shot of your solo SS from stealth big hitters

    Ok, so solo .. it's hitting for ~2.5k .. I don't know if this is good for burg data-mining or not. At least it shows us a general state of what used to be one of the hardest hitting skills in the...
  11. Re: Post a screen shot of your solo SS from stealth big hitters

    What Grimbran said..and that Fre has posted about how SS hit harder at 50 in SoA than it does now iirc.

    I only was saying this in reaction to Freborn's usually doom n' gloom. Maybe I jumped the...
  12. Re: Post a screen shot of your solo SS from stealth big hitters

    Lolz much? I really hope this is sarcastic. What Freborn is asking for are screenies of something in the mid to upper 2k range on trash mobs? I seriously doubt SS will get nerfed any worse than...
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    Re: New burg moors armour bonus wont work?

    I don't have the 4-piece bonus yet, so I can't comment. With that being said, have you tried getting the debuff to proc on a creep player or just on NPCs? I know that seems silly, but try to apply...
  14. Re: Bug: Hide in Plain Sight does not work while in Mischief

    Definately confirmed just now. I've been running the Forochel 6-man, at the last boss, popped HiPS while in Mischief to get a Trip, and Trip is grey......... Prolly has something to do with the new...
  15. Anyone notice something strange with Trip after Update 2?

    After a few runs thru the new 3-mans, I noticed something odd. When the fellow was in trouble and I HiPS'd to pop Trip on a mob that wasnt stun/FM immune, the skill Trip would either A)stay greyed...
  16. Re: The "offical" waiting for the servers to come back up topic.

    12:30 .. gah. So much for me wasting a day off from work to play
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    Re: Buffstick and Telling Mark

    I do believe that the +TM damage % is linked directly to the weapon you have slotted. If you debuff mob with +10%, then switch to a weapon without it or some % that is lower to buff a fellow, TM...
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    Re: A in stealth daze or stun?

    I believe that it lowers the CD to 4:20, thus a 40 sec reduction iirc. Not that the OP was asking about the CD of Sweep the Leg .. 0_o
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    Re: ooodles of fun in fornost

    Glad you had fun in one of my favorite instances to this day. Burgs are amazingly fun at that level as its all new and the variety of skills you have at your disposal. Fornost is the instance that...
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    Re: Ultimate LI Weapon

    Right Cciddle .. but Aim CD seems to be ALWAYS traited(which is one away from TG) .. why would you waste a slot on CA damage (40%) iirc when Ambi seems to be a better slot choice imo? So that is...
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    I have an honest question about why bleeds seems to be on everyones TG weapon

    Why is it that I see nobody with the Bleed damage/crit slotted in a QK weapon? Last time I looked, the bleed traits are all in QK line, so why would you use CA damage as one of the 2 traits after...
  22. Re: QK & TG Stance and Trait Line screen shots from BR

    If you happen to slot 5 deep/capstone, can you not iFA/Provoke daze all mob types (not just humanoid) every 15 seconds? Seems rather sufficient for chain mezzing imo, so why wouldn't you stay 5 QK...
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    Re: Whatcha gonna wear post radiance?

    True, but we also had a level cap bump in between T2 and T3 sets .. and, in general, the stats have been a downgrade, or sidegrade at best. The Loth crafted stuff was a nice alternative for those...
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    Re: Whatcha gonna wear post radiance?

    Here's hoping the new set actually makes me want to take off the Watcher set. Gear is long overdue to be updated in stats. The three sets are too similar, and seem to differ person to person based...
  25. Re: What gear should I be trying to get 63-65 if I don't raid?

    If you aren't raiding, I assume you don't mind doing 6-mans. Get the Teir 1 radiance set (Watcher) boots, chest, gloves, legs for your armour. This can be done with a bunch of daily runs in Grand...
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