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  1. As someone who plays on an older mac (27' 2011...

    As someone who plays on an older mac (27' 2011 iMac) I couldn't disagree more with the OP. I do not have this experience at all. I may crash once every 8 hours of game play or so. This is comparable...
  2. Newly transferred 6+ year player looking for Kin


    I am a 6+ year player who recently transferred to this server from Arkenstone. I have played since open beta. I love the population on Ark but there is less and less of them every day. I...
  3. Re: Rise of Isengard Update/Patching Discussion - OFFICIAL

    8+ hours of waiting. Starting to get annoyed now.
  4. Replies

    Fellowship of the Burgh

    The Fellowship of the Burgh is a small rank 10 kin with kin house that is looking to attract new members. FotB is an alt kin seeking only burglars. Come level up your alt burg with us! The goal is to...
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