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  1. I used to think that. Then I stopped leveling my...

    I used to think that. Then I stopped leveling my main at L80 in Rohan, and I'm leveling another alt instead. This is the same pattern as I did in Isengard, when I eventually got to cap in time to...
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    Re: Sound effects you really enjoy!

    I find the Champ shing shing underwhelming and like the Forced Opening sound effect better. Not sure why.

    Hobbit lass laughter is a good one. I enjoy Minstrel sounds with bagpipes.
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    Re: Having trouble with plugins

    I had an awful time with getting the hierarchy right. Was throwing some images around, uploaded a jpg. In other words, this is what worked for me.
  4. Re: Eregion on sale at 20% off, buy now or wait for the next big sale?

    Yes, buy now. Fun, good leveling zone, good deeds. Good to go.
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    Re: Stuns Stuns Stuns

    + to stun immunity Perception *is* trainable over time and is an important burglar player skill. ;)
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    Re: Champion Class changes

    Unfortunately, all of our power costs went up by like 50%. Yes, that makes up for it.
  7. Re: Did anyone else see LOTRO on TVs 'Dexter' the other night?

    I've seen this episode a few times, and was pretty sure he was not playing LotRO.

    Before anyone else is fooled, I think this is the correct video:

  8. Re: What is the "gold standard" in LOTRO, itemwise?

    You can't count on anything to do with LI's to hold value, except possibly T6+ relics, but these aren't very efficient to acquire in the first place and difficult to buy, normally. So you're left...
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    Re: Council of the North mount skin change? NO!

    Same exact situation here. LotRO Steeds had the old one up, and then all the sudden they said it was going to be replaced.

    I had no clue when I bought that horse that it was some sort of...
  10. Re: New guy, looking for a DPS class that's novice friendly and can CC.

    The captain has among the lowest DPS in the game. It's a drag to level one up. Just a warning. They have a key +damage group buff, so their personal DPS has to be low to compensate, just like a...
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    Re: I am so sick of rude people

    Not impossible. You need to spot the Reveal Weakness icon. But you're right. It's worse for burgs, and the OP's problem is likely a consequence of an oblivious player (i.e. my brother's six year...
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    Re: Turbine Adding "Hundreds" of New Employees!

    Good news. I hope these hundreds of new employees will be like a horde of eager octopuses.
  13. Re: my drawing needs good lotro community help !

    This website is dorky. What about here: http://www.teefury.com

    And you didn't want to be girly with the unicorn, but you put in pink blood? I don't buy it, mister!
  14. Re: Please get rid of the ads on subscriber accounts

    It's official. I don't care any more.
  15. Re: Opinions wanted: More skills or upgraded skills for next expansion?

    I've always disliked the WoW-style upgraded skills in general. Fireball I, Fireball II, etc. etc. Fireball XI. On the other hand, I have a lot of skills already on my "advanced" classes. This is a...
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    Re: Okay, Joke's Over Guys...Now please fix the forums


    If it makes anyone feel better, Mmorsel has made their site even worse. http://lotro.mmorsel.com/
  17. Re: Fix the skirmish leaderboards not showing stats for 11th+ skirms

    IMO, unless someone has played 11+ skirmishes, their score should not even display on the leaderboards.
  18. Re: Two Ideas (Things that are dumb but bug me) do they bug you?

    Yes, I think the fire on top of the map bind obelisk things should be insta-death, and if you are also mounted or role-play flagged when you jump on top of one, you are booted out of the game and...
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    Re: Allow VIPs to purchase quest packs

    It has been requested like 20 times. Agree. Signed.
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    Re: General Duallogging question

    I wrote a small guide for using HotKeyNet on one computer, if it helps anyone. This MB software is currently free. I"m under the impression that the LotRO game window requires focus to accept a...
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    Re: female beauty pageant

    Elf-cleavage. Can I say that in these forums?

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    Re: The Elderscrolls V Announced

    A lovely pile of delicious info has surfaced in the two weeks since the last post in this thread. I have tried to sum it up in a blog post for anyone interested:
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    Re: Algraig Mount coming to the store

    It's not a horse, it's a trophy for an accomplishment.
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    Re: Algraig Mount coming to the store

    This just changes how I look at people riding the Algraig horse. I'll no longer respect them for accomplishing something. Nor will I consider trying to accomplish it myself because there is no...
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    Re: Why do people hate Radiance?

    It's funny how many people in this thread are against the radiance on armor, and more for radiance as a passive stat, whereas when radiance first came out this stat idea was argued a lot on the...
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