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    Re: "Soloification" of Epic Volume II

    They turned them solo and made it so only the most stupid will fail to complete them. It isnt a quest or scenario any more, its more like your along for the ride as the story unfolds and you have to...
  2. Thread: Time

    by otwist

    Re: Time

    12:30 EST now, they extended the extension.
  3. Forging lvl 65 reforged legendaries and getting 4 legacies

    Does anyone know the specific chances a crafted lvl 65 reforged has of getting 4 legacies ?
    I ask because i now have 4 Kindred Guild/Supreme crafters, Woodworker, Jeweler, Scholar and Metalworker....
  4. Re: Do you get the quest packs if you buy MOM and/or Mirkwood ?

    In that case, will buying a copy of Shadows of Angmar work for the pre-moria quest packs ? can you apply an angmar key to a premium account ?

    Thanks for the help.
  5. Do you get the quest packs if you buy MOM and/or Mirkwood ?

    I bought a months worth of play on my f2p account, which is now premium. it has since ended, but there is a lot of zones where i cannot quest.
    If i buy MOM, will i now have access to North Downs,...
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    Re: TC Dailies benefit?

    I thought the same thing. Enedwaith was very nicely done, and a ton of quests to keep you busy. But 2 different reputation lines and no hand in's meant i didnt even hit Ally with either one before...
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    Re: Turbine store ingredient packs

    Yeah it kinda occured to me right after i posted, i thought, that was dumb of me.
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    Turbine store ingredient packs

    So i purchased a single Apprentice pack, because Turbine like to be as vague as possible.
    Am i seeing things, or do i need 2-3 packs per make ? meaning you would either have to grind like heck to...
  9. Applying a MOM product key to an already existing VIP account ?

    I have a VIP account, that used to be a F2P account. I was disappointed to learn that a FULL ACCESS PASS isnt really that FULL and that i cannot play a Warden or a Rune Keeper.
    I understand i need...
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    Re: Removing CC info from a lifetime account

    This is extremely annoying and i question the ethics behind it.
    I have enrolled 2 LOTRO accounts to VIP for my kids, it automatically copied the CC info over for buying turbine points. My issue is...
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