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  1. we dont need class changes

    we don't need class changes it works great. it seems to me another way to deflect us away for stuff that people keep asking for and want to see. now granted class traits could be changed. but its not...
  2. we need sapience's how soon is soon post back!

    i love the new forums, love the fact that is part of the main lotro site. :) but we really need sapiences how soon is soon post back, i love to see that post evrytime someone was complaining about a...
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    well we like role play :)

    well we like role play :)
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    the free peoples army

    well obviously theres this kin thats been going for a while called the free peoples army, lead buy some 14yr old called evrondil (or to older players we'll know him better as xsoldierx), now i left...
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    always good to be in a kin with no zombies lol...

    always good to be in a kin with no zombies lol and shouldnt it be message nineglaith, aldaren and moonriel :) well unless you wanna join our ally the red suns then message mac or blitz for a family...
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