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    the only reason worth rerolling for is if you...

    the only reason worth rerolling for is if you can't handle a guy toon that looks like a girl. elf = metrosexual. But I'm sticking with my Melf, cause they're yells are awesome. second only to dorfs....
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    No clue how this degraded to a warden vs. guard...

    No clue how this degraded to a warden vs. guard discussion. they both work fine. there's no content that one can do that the other can't. And in all honesty, a guard is easier to get threat out of...
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    Warden. I had a huge writeup describing all the...

    Warden. I had a huge writeup describing all the classes, but I was afraid i was re-inventing the wheel. TLDR : Warden is the best bet IF.....you can handle the gambit system. if you don't like it,...
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    Re: Why can't I use this dwarf sheild

    I agree. While champs can use a shield, they aren't designed around one. It's like the spare mini tire in your trunk...there for emergencies, not expected to be depended on for regular use.

    If you...
  5. Thread: The Agile RK

    by Malakho

    Re: The Agile RK

    the best answer I've heard for this (can't remember if it was official), was from a thread about the general subject. they stated that most of it was a combination of the stat caps at the time,...
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    Re: Class Choices and LotR:O purchase options...

    I Don't feel that the typecast is a negative one, but i certainly agree that a stigma exists for that descriptive...but i feel that it mostly comes from games that push players to cookie-cutter...
  7. Thread: New Player

    by Malakho

    Re: New Player

    Welcome to Lotro kathimir!

    The differences between the two has been described. For me, it's about smooth transition and easy of access....and escape. having a bunch of coins floating around...
  8. Re: New player looking for some help choosing a vocation.

    Im going to go against the grain and suggest explorer. While tinker can farm it's own metals, the explorer can farm metal for your alt tinker, plus wood for your woodworker. Not to mention that the...
  9. Thread: Harasser

    by Malakho

    Re: Harasser

    I love this trait when going OP as well. one more way to hit multiple targets with massive 2h damage ftw
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    Re: OP in Lower Levels?

    I currently have 2 baby guards in their high 30's low 40's, and even there, OP kills faster then SnB, even if you include multiple mobs. it's very much a playstyle thing...my very first guard I...
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    Re: Hectic Grouping, the norm?

    something else to note:

    I ran GB a gazillion times back when it wasn't 3 separate instance, but one long one. and in spite of it's length, i feel the old instance was much more new player...
  12. Re: Help needed by non judgemental, expeeienced players :)

    Glad to hear your getting well into the game OP :D

    Just as an offnote...in the nest big update (coming very soon! ), all the crafts are actually going to have new quests that teach you how to do...
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    Re: Running out of easy keybindings

    here's an idea OP.

    since you are already using the keys around your movement keys, just slide your moment keys one to the right, so you'd be using ESDF instead of WASD. that opens up all the keys...
  14. Re: 39 RK - just bought books from trainer - now what?

    This made me wonder too. You may want to check and see if you can see associated deeds in your class deed list. prior to speaking to the NPC, the should have directions leading your to him. once you...
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    Re: 'All good Rks use fire'

    Actually, all good RK's use Old spice. just watch the commercial, you'll understand
  16. Re: 1H Sword with Shield? Or 2h Sword without Shield?

    You should. we need moar threads like that.

    personally, i prefer a wand, i like to pew pew the mobs to death. failing that, ill play a lute or drum.

    We can use 2h weapons? holy ????
  17. Re: Ugh, what am I doing wrong? Can't get a feel for OP mode

    I agree with the others...get your skills, TTk, stagger, etc.

    Allot of it's rhythm. My very first guard I picked up a 2h axe at lvl 30 (after running S&B for the first 30 levels) and tried OP...
  18. Re: Warden vs hunter..more fun? better grouping? pvmp?


    In my time in Middle earth, I've started 2 wardens, currently 39 and 34 respectively.

    In the same time, I've played 5 hunters, one 65, one 63, a few in their 40's, newest one at 18....
  19. Re: Hoping not to see Champion changes in DEV Diary

    Those complaining about the hunter dev and the changes made should go over and read the postings from people testing in beta.

    not the whiners who see a number change in a dev diary and cry nerf...
  20. Re: Overpower Guardians: What should we call ourselves?

    how about Arnold Guardeneggers?

    cause were like guards on steroids
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    Re: I solved it!! ALL GUARDIANS READ!!!

    Ur fired. Sooooo fired.

    Guardian forums currently seeking new button pusher. must have a button pushign certs current and at least 4 yrs in the field of professional button mashing or button...
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    Re: What's so great about OP?

    @ Bob - thanks for the tip on the helm, was away from game for a bit, ill be making that helm in short order!

    @OP - it seems like your comment about being gimped in S&B may have been missed. If...
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    Re: Dedicated OP Guardian Tanking Set!

    Wow...the PvP set is looking nice enough that It may finally drag me (kicking mind you) into the moors. seems more of a DPS set then tanking. extra parry reactives ftw!
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    Re: Gambits, Deft Strike

    Not to mention some passives are offered at odd levels as well. sometimes that extra boost from the accuracy, or crit passives comes in handy
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    Re: New Player: Class Decicion Questions

    Welcome to LotRO Lenin!

    1 was already answered perfectly.

    2 - I leveled up using a mix of skills, fire, cold, and light. I like a mix, and you won't suffer at all by doing so when soloing....
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