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    Summerfest Horse.

    Summerfest Horse.
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    You guys keep mentioning "proc" . I am not...

    You guys keep mentioning
    "proc" . I am not familiar with this term. I have 3 high level hunters and want to understand what you are saying here.
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    These poorly thought out changes are losing players

    Since Update 10, and the 4 days downtime, there are fewer players in game. I can play for hours in Rohan and see no other players. Same in Great River and Dunland. Only place I find many is in the...
  4. New Updates are leaving some areas with unequal level/tasks/stables, etc

    Every new update, they change some of the levels of stuff in areas. However, they don't think to change the task boards or the rep items or the hunter ports or warden musters. By the time you can...
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    rebuilding using crafting

    I think this is a great idea. However, I do NOT skirmish. I have a heart problem that does not allow me to participate in intense playing as in most skirmishes and many instances and all raids. ...
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    Return to Bree

    Go to the Lotro Store and buy it. I did. I am an elf.
  7. Thank you all for your help.

    Really appreciate the Lotro family.
  8. Hunter ( & Wardens) need LUA for ports/musters

    My hunter at level 75 has 16 spaces in my quick slots taken by ports. A couple of years ago there was talk about Lua scripting for Hunter Ports to free up that space, but still have easy access to...
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    Re: Really? Maps to ENEDWAITH?

    I completely agree with Casilune and NaughtyMistress. I expect a lottery for a level 21 to 35 char to be usable by that char. My level 60 + chars don't need it. I don't enter lotteries to have...
  10. Some of the prizes in the lottery are not making sense.

    I don't win the lottery often, but I enter every day. I won some Anniversary tokens the day after the gift giver was removed from the game. What's the point?

    I just entered again, and one of the...
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    Re: Introductions and Free Turbine Points

    Hi, I have been playing on Elendilmir since March, 2008. I have 8 toons, 3 of which are HUNTERS. Love the hunters. Why so many? cause I love to craft and love to play a hunter, so I level them up...
  12. Re: No Riddle Master in the Shire with a riddle quest for Frodo and Bilbo's birthday.

    I did the Rivendell birthday back and forth last nite. There was no riddle connected to it. Since this mention the Shire, I have been all over the Shire looking for a Riddle Master. It also said...
  13. No Riddle Master in the Shire with a riddle quest for Frodo and Bilbo's birthday.

    I hunted started at 1 AM EDT on Sept 22nd, gave up after an hour. Started again at 7 pm EDT and still cannot find the riddle quest. IF THERE IS ONE.
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