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    Need help choosing my next toon!

    So, I have been playing lotro for a while now on a few different servers (I an currently settled on Brandywine) and I have decided that I want to make my 5th and final toon on this server.

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    Rune Keeper or Minstrel?

    The title pretty much explains it.
    I have had trouble choosing between a Rune Keeper or Minstrel lately and have been advised to play them both to around level 20 and see what I like best. So, I...
  3. Thread: Mini or RK?

    by Kellzarr

    Mini or RK?

    Which is better overall, mini or rk, I don't know which one to create and also, which race is the most suitable for these classes :D
  4. I have a few questions about the Warden...

    Hi, I have just started playing the warden class a couple of days ago, I am level 24 and so far and I am finding it reasonably fun to play. I have a few questions though and if anyone can answer any,...
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    Man or Hobbit burglar?

    Hi, I have been playing lotro for while now as a hunter, but I am thinking of starting my second character shortly and I would like to try a burglar but I don't know whether to use a man or hobbit...
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    Best DPS for things like fellowships and...

    Best DPS for things like fellowships and skirmishes and stuff :)
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    What is the best class on lotro?

    Ok, so I am now fairly familiar with lotro and its classes, but I want to start a new one to make it my main one. I have unlocked all the class types so all I have to do is decide. I know many people...
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    Hobbit Hunter or Man Hunter?

    Which hunter is better, hobbit or man?
  9. Man Burglar or Hobbit Burglar? Which is better?

    I am starting a new class and I want to try the burglar but I am having difficulty choosing between the man or hobbit race. Which race of burgler is better? All advice will be very much appreciated,...
  10. Ok, thanks for the advice! :D

    Ok, thanks for the advice! :D
  11. Man Burglar or Hobbit Burglar? Which is better?

    I am thinking of starting a new burglar class but I am having difficulties in choosing between a man burglar or a hobbit burglar... Which one is better overall? All opinions appreciated, thanks :)
  12. I need help, I have no idea what to do...

    Ok, so. I have a standard house in Maidlanc in the Falathorn Homesteads and I have paid the maximum amount of upkeep on it so now my house wont lock until March next year. The big issue is the fact...
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