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  1. Re: Is it me or have the little things been lost?

    I am talking about April Fool's Lotteries.
    They used to always have some, and to be honest many were pretty much useless but still.
  2. Is it me or have the little things been lost?

    Looking at the site today and seeing no lotteries just kind of seals something that I have been thinking for a while now, and that is that the little things in this game have seriously gone to poop....
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    Re: LI weapons 1st and 2nd Ages

    Something called "Legendary" that is hard to craft.
    I'll be damned.
    Turbine, you fiends you are so unfair.
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    Rent Cap or Other options

    I very much agree that it is rather irritating to see so many houses taken up around the neighborhoods and never in use and most locked and never to be used again.
    My personal request is to cap rent...
  5. Re: What can we learn from the end of Galaxies?

    This is honestly not learning anything.
    SWG has been walking dead for years long before the new flavor of the month Star Wars mmo was announced.
  6. Re: What can we learn from the end of Galaxies?

    #1 Lesson from Galaxies from someone who was there from the beginning...

    #1 and #2 Lessons: DO NOT LISTEN TO THE WHINERS, DO NOT DUMB YOUR GAME DOWN because the people who whine and cry will...
  7. Re: Question about 6/24-6/26 weekend Turbine Store coupon deals?

    Has to be all in one cart unfortunately.
    Milestones would have to be something you did in different buys.
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    Re: Drive-by heals - threat or menace?

    I am among those that will step in when it looks like it is going bad.
    (Though I can not count the times that I have stepped in and tried to help someone getting slaughtered and then they run away...
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    Re: Festival tricks

    My response to this is the same as it was when they started this trend with the fish slapper back in the day.
    If someone uses it or something else of the type, make them flagged for a period of time...
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    Quick Festival Question

    Are the horse races still level 20 up?
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    Re: Note to my bear

    How do you think that we feel every time people feel the need to bring the damned things to the bank or to the vendors...
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    Re: Bilbo's Birthday, where is the love?

    Well played
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    Bilbo's Birthday, where is the love?

    Show some love for the the the one that comes from under the hill, and under the hills and over the hills my paths led. And through the air. He that walks unseen. He that is the clue-finder, the...
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